Where To Watch The Aspens Change

If you haven’t experienced autumn in the mountains, trust us, you’re missing out! Every season up here offers its own unique beauty, but the changing of the aspens is perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring experiences you and your family can have together. We love how easily the vibrant trees lend themselves to beautiful photos read more

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What to Pack for Your Fall Vacation

So they say, an ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention, and the best way to pack for your mountain stay is to come prepared. That doesn’t mean you have to pack an insanely full car, either! We’ve compiled a list of must-haves (and must-skips) to make sure you can pack light and read more

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Leave Us Alone! Wildlife Safety Tips

Tempting though it may be to chase after animals for that fantastic Instagram photo, the wildlife in Grand County can pose a serious risk to hikers and bikers. When provoked, an animal attack can be deadly, both to you and the animal, so if you’re lucky enough to spot one, please observe from a distance! read more

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High Country 101: Your Safety Over 9000 Feet

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than one of your group becoming afflicted with a very preventable ailment, especially when it happens right at the beginning of the trip! The rules are a little different above 9,000 feet, so we’ve compiled a list to help you make the most of your mountain getaway. First things First: read more

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Wild About Flowers

We had a late start to our summer here in Winter Park, and May was particularly rainy at 3.74 inches (average May rainfall is 2.15 inches). Excess rain presents a dilemma in the early days of the season. On one hand, you have to be conscious of such things as lightning, and you must schedule read more

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Top 10 Winter Park Pastimes You Ought To Try

It is fair to say that when the snow starts flying, the big focus in Winter Park is the world class skiing to be had at Winter Park Resort.  But we all need a day away from the slopes from time to time, and with so many other activities on offer, it would be a read more

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Stuck In A Rut

The Mighty Elk Rut The Winter Park & Fraser Valley (and nearby Rocky Mountain National Park) is a hot spot for migrating elk during their annual rut, and a fabulous place to witness the natural world up close & personal. The elk (wapiti) is one of the largest species of the deer family, and one read more

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Winter Park On A Dime

The Mission: Plan 3 full days of activities, for two people, for under $100! Sounds like a tall order I know, but we’re excited to give it a go.  My friends (Ellie & Joe) are coming to visit this July 12th – 14th, and so for the sake of argument, we’ll use that particular weekend read more

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No. 3 Winter Park, CO Hiking Trail of the Week

Winter Park, Colorado Hike of the Week The third hike of theweek is here. This week we are headed over the Granby and Grand Lake way to Strawberry Lake. The lake got it’s name from mineral deposits that make the water look a bit strawberry colored. Strawberry Lake Length: One-Way Mileage- 1.55 Miles Elevation: Trailhead: read more

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Opening Dates for Winter Park’s St. Louis Lake Trail

The trailhead of one of the most popular hiking trails in the Winter Park area, the St. Louis Lake trail, has very restricted access. The trail is known as one of the most beautiful wildflower hikes you can find in our valley, and due to this celebrity, it draws thousands of hikers each summer (or it used read more

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