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Spring is in the air and things are happening in and around Winter Park.  Rivers and lakes are opening up to raft, fish, and paddle board, the mountain bike trails are drying out, the restaurants are re-opening from their off-season hiatus, and locals are returning from their desert/beach getaways excited and eager to get back to working and playing in Winter Park.

Although not every trail and restaurant are open in Winter Park during the Spring months, there is plenty to do and see while you are here (and usually it’s cheaper and less crowded, too).  Follow our guide below to turn your spring trip into an annual vacation!


Spend the afternoon at Grand Lake

Just a 30 minute drive from Winter Park and on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, local Paddle Boarding Company Rocky Mountain SUP is open for business offering SUP rentals and lessons, SUP Yoga, and even Kayak rentals.

Take on the Aerial Adventure Park

Winter Park Adventure Quest aerial adventure park sprang up last summer and is a hit with families. Take your shot at the 24 separate challenge elements of the Aerial Adventure Park or sign up for their off-site rock climbing tour.  Winter Park Lodging Company guests save 10% on their next climbing adventure.

White Water Rafting

The water is running hard from late May through early June and this is the time when white water rafting offers the most thrills, although tame trips are still available.  Click here to find out what whitewater trip is right for you and save 10% with MAD adventures.

Mountain Bike Trails:

Dry trails await down the Fraser Valley towards Tabernash and Granby and even some in the Winter Park area.

Granby Ranch Summit

Popping Wheelies at Granby Ranch

Fraser River Trail:

The perfect trail to breathe the fresh spring air, take in the sights and get your legs warmed up for the biking season.  The Fraser river trail is a five-mile paved trail that gains 772 gradual feet in elevation and winds along the rushing Fraser river from Fraser to Winter Park Resort. This trail is also popular with walkers and rollerbladers.

Deadhorse/Saint Louis Creek:

Located west of Fraser and offers single track and dirt road riding all with Grand County’s highest peak in plain view, Byers Peak.  For a family friendly 7.5 mile ride, click here. Creekside, Zoom, Flume, and Chainsaw are all trails that will get the heart going and the smiles growing.  See the trail map here.

Granby Ranch:

Opens May 25th for lift access downhill biking offering trails from beginner to expert.  Granby Ranch also offers 20+ miles of single track trails through sun-soaked hillsides.  Ride Vista Ridge to the top for incredible views overlooking the Fraser Canyon.  Other local pics: Cabin Trail for the intermediate rider and Sidewinder/Out of Gas for the aggressive rider.  See the full trail map here

Mountain Biking can be intimidating, read our two-part series on Mountain Biking in Winter Park to gain a little knowledge and confidence to try it out.  It’s fun! Mountain Biking Tips From Winter Park, Colorado:

Part One, Gear up

Part Two, Building Your Skills


It’s time to cash in those burned calories and fill your bellies on the town.  Most restaurants will be back open for memorial day weekend.

Local Spring Hot Spots

-Rest your bones on the deck and grab a locally brewed beer at Hideaway Park Brewery. They have a constantly rotating tap system so you are guaranteed something new and fresh.

-Hit Deno’s Happy Hour from 3-6 and try their legendary pork slider appetizer.

-Settle into Pepe Osaka’s Fish Tacos and Tequila Bar for an unforgettable Latian Asian fusion dining experience.  We strongly recommend the ahi poke ceviche tacos.

For more Winter park Dining info Check out our Belly Stuffer awards.

Winter Park Dining


Need some spring mountain air?

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May 16th, 2018

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It’s Mountain Bike Capital USA Weekend!

It’s all about the dirt as the Colorado Free Ride Festival takes over the trails of Winter Park Resort and conditions couldn’t be better.

Not only have the recent rains calmed the concerns of fire danger, the moisture has turned the dirt on the trails to what is commonly referred to as “BROWN POW” ( A term obsessive mountain bikers use when there is the perfect amount of moister in the trails to make them tacky, much like a skier would describe skiing after it has snowed all night).


To learn more, don’t take it from me, head to the Colorado Free Ride Festival happening all weekend at the resort.  There are events every day from July 26-30th starting as early as 8:00 a.m. and running all the way through the day into the evening.  Must see events include the Green Hornet Kids Race, Maxxis BMX stunt team, intergalactic pond skimming and the Downhill Finals.  Check out the entire line up here

MTB big air
Along with watching mountain biking, you can also learn mountain biking:

Watching the pros can make mountain biking seem intimidating and not everyone needs to bike like a pro to enjoy it.  Rendezvous Mountain Bike Capital Weekend has set up coaches to help you and your family brush up on their mountain biking skills.  Alison Powers (5 x National Champion, USA Cycling Level 2 coach, grew up in Fraser) along with other high-level mountain bike coaches / professional riders who will offer personalized training and skills clinics for riders of all types and ages.  Learn more about this event here. 
Along with learning mountain biking, you can talk about mountain biking:



Participate in the local Headwater Trails Alliance 2nd annual Pub Crawl happening today starting at Five pm. Tickets are $40 and earn you one free drink at each pub stop and door prizes. click here for more information

hta pub crawl



July 28th, 2017

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Mountain Biking Winter Park

Are you ready to fall in love?

Mountain Biking Basics Part 2:
Building Your Skills

Mountain biking can seem pretty intimidating to the uninitiated, but if you take your time and build your skills, you might just find yourself falling in love with this rapidly growing sport.

This article shares some helpful tips that I found valuable when I was learning to mountain bike, and should help you get on the fast track to exploring the many trails in and around Winter Park, Mountain Bike Capital USA.

  1. Rent a good bike.
    Having the right type of mountain bike can drastically improve your confidence on the trail.  Good bike rental stores will offer a range of mountain bikes and will help you choose the right bike, adjust the suspension to your body weight, and fit the bike for your height.   Epic Mountain Sports in Winter Park, rents front and full suspensions bikes from $32 – $40 for a full day (save an additional 20% as a guest of Winter Park Lodging Company).
  2. best bike trails in colorado

    Share the experience with your best friend

    Start mellow.
    If it has been a while since you last rode a bicycle, you’ll need to give your body a little time to remember how to balance and maneuver.   Spend some time riding on a flat, easy trail to get a feel for the bike.  Practice some starting and stopping, shift your gears up and down, and weave left and right to practice turning.

  3. Look ahead
    It sounds obvious but many beginner mountain bikers will often look at the ground right in front of their front wheel, or worse yet, get fixated on the object that they are trying to avoid (like a tree or rock) instead of the path they want to take.   Just like in skiing, our bodies will tend to follow our line of vision, so focus your eyes on the trail about 15-20 feet ahead of your front wheel to navigate a clean path through obstacles.
  4. Gear Down & Lean Forward On Uphills
    When approaching an uphill climb, shift to a lower gear before you get to the hill so that your legs are spinning nicely when you start your ascent.  Stay seated, lean forward and pedal, pedal, pedal up the hill –  you’ll be amazed at what you can climb if you just keep pedaling.
  5. Shift Weight Back On Downhills
    When riding downhill, you want to stand up off your seat and shift your weight backwards, so that you are slightly behind the saddle and less likely to get pitched forward on steep terrain.  Keep control of your speed by feathering your breaks (break, release, break, release) and try to stay relaxed, keeping your wrists and elbows soft to help absorb any bumps.     Many riders like to lower their saddle when riding a downhill trail.
  6. Break Before Corners
    Mountain bike trails tend to be quite winding with lots of twists and turns.  If you are going down a twisty trail, try to break before you enter the corner then gently release during the turn

    Colorado mountian biking for families and kids

    Winter Park has trails for all ability levels

    to check your speed and avoid skidding.   As you gain confidence and balance, you’ll naturally start to lean into the turn with the bike which will help you flow through the turn.

  7. One Finger Only
    If your breaks and handlebars are set up to allow you to do so, try using just your index fingers to apply the breaks.  Using just one finger allows you to keep the rest of your mitts on the handlebars, giving you greater control and grip when riding uneven terrain or obstacles.
  8. Know Before You Go
    Ask a local mountain bike shop for advice on which trails are suitable for beginner mountain bikers and get a trail map before you head out on the trail.  Trails will often splinter into many other trails, so check your map at trail junctions if you are unsure.  While smart phone Apps are definitely useful tools for planning your day, be aware that cell phone service can be often diminished in ‘the backwoods’, so always have a paper trail map as back up in your pack.
  9. Pack For Success
    Wear a backpack with plenty of water, snacks and supplies with you so that you are prepared for every eventuality.
     Click here to see our article on what to bring with you on the trail.
  10. Have fun!
    Take plenty of breaks to take in the views, celebrate your accomplishments and share the adventure with like-minded friends.

Tune in next month for our last installment of  Mountain Biking Basics: Best Beginner/Intermediate Trails In Winter Park

If you are planning a summer mountain biking vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park, Mountain Bike Capital USA.

July 5th, 2015

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mountain bike vacationsWinter Park (Mountain Bike Capital USA) is recognized as one of the top destinations for mountain biking in Colorado, with more than 600 miles of bike trails and two major downhill bike parks.

If you haven’t tried mountain biking before, Winter Park is the perfect place to give it a go.

There’s a great selection of novice and family friendly trail options, and although it may seem a little intimidating at first, a day or two of cruising through flower filled meadows, playing peek-a-boo with deer and moose in the woods, and taking in breathtaking views from the top of a climb and we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked for life.

To help you on the journey, we’ve put together a series of blogs that will answer many of the questions commonly asked by beginner mountain bikers.  We’ll cover the basics of gear (what to bring/wear), beginner riding skills and our top trail recommendations for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers in Winter Park, Colorado.

Mountain Biking Basics Part 1: Gear Up

Like most sports, having the right equipment will help you feel confident and comfortable.  If you’re just starting out, renting a full-suspension mountain bike won’t break the bank and will give you some extra confidence while you’re learning to tackle the trails.   Guests of Winter Park Lodging Company receive a 20% discount on bike rentals at our local partner store ‘Epic Mountain Sports’ click here for details.

For all other beginner mountain bike items, we recommend investing in the following gear.

mountain bike view winterpark

Chainsaw, Zoom & Flume trails are great trails for building your skills

Helmet – a good entry level bike helmet will set you back about $50 and is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you’ll every buy – most mountain bikers that have taken a tumble or two would heartily agree.   For cross-country mountain biking in Winter Park, I like helmets with plenty of ventilation (hot head!) and a peaked visor to help on all those sunny riding days.

If you are a first time biker and renting your gear, most bike rental stores will also rent helmets – take a little time to pick one out that fits you well.

Gloves – Mountain biking can be a very aerobic sport, so your paws can get a little sweaty at times!  Buying a pair of light mountain bike gloves will help you keep a good grip on the handle bars when things get technical.

Sunglasses – A snug fitting pair of sunglasses will stop your eyes from watering while you zoom down the trails and protect them from dust, bugs, tree branches and other items that don’t belong in your orbitals.

Shoes – Your choice of bike shoes will depend largely on our pedal choice – flat or clipless.   Flat pedals are a simple platform pedal that can be ridden with normal tennis shoes and does not physically connect your foot to the bike.  Many intermediate/advanced cross-country mountain bikers progress to using special clipless pedals that require bike shoes with cleats.  This type of pedal & shoe combo provides the rider with more control of their pedal strokes, but does take a little bit of getting used to.  If you are trying out clipless pedals for the first time, set them to a loose release setting and practice getting in and out of them in a flat, safe area before you hit the trails.

Shorts & Shirt – There are endless choices for mountain bike clothing on the market today, from superlight Lycra wear, to padded protective wear.  Whatever style you choose to wear, wicking and quick dry materials will provide you with the most comfortable ride on the trail.

What’s In Your Pack?

It’s advisable to always take a back pack mountain biking, to carry along some essential items that could potentially make or break your day.  CamelBak hydration systems are a great way to combine your water needs (with a removable bladder) and carrying needs in one package, but if you don’t already have one, any waist/chest fastening back pack will do.

what to take mountain biking

Image courtesy of

Water – Hydration is key in high elevations such as Winter Park, and you will want to carry lots of water with you on your mountain bike ride.  If you want to flavor up your H2O, add some electrolyte powders to your bottle for maximum effect.

Snacks – A little energy boost is never a bad thing on the trail.  To cut down on bulk, I’m a fan of Shot Blocks, granola bars and Gu.

Rain coat –  The weather in the mountains can change incredibly quickly.  Be prepared for all conditions by bringing extra layers and a waterproof with you.

Spare inner tube – If you get a flat, the quickest way to get back on the trail is to have a spare inner tube with you, so that you can quickly switch it out for the damaged one.

Patch kit  – This would be Plan C in the event that your spare inner tube also gets a flat!

Bicycle Pump

Bike Tool – You’ll need this to change a tire, adjust seats, and tighten up any loose bolts on your bike.  They are readily available from all good bike shops and retail from $15 – $70.

First Aid Kit – It’s always worth having the essentials with you in any outdoor activity, mountain bike riding is definitely not an exception.  I try to always carry a sam splint, assorted bandages, iodine/antiseptic wipes, butterfly bandages, and an assortment gauze pads and band aids whenever I’m hitting the trails.

Trail Map – Mountain bike trails have a tendency to offer a spider’s web of options that can quickly leave you further from home than you had intended.  Always know where you are and be aware of alternative routes home in case you get caught in some weather or a thunder storm.

Chain Lube – Perhaps not a necessity, but having a well lubed chain can really help to keep those wheels spinning nicely.

So now that you’ve got all your gear in order, it’s time to start working on those biking skills.  Tune in next week for Mountain Biking Basics Part 2: Beginner Rider Skills.

If you are planning a summer mountain biking vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park, Mountain Bike Capital USA.

May 31st, 2015

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Winter Park Summer VacationsWinter Park Resort base area opens for the summer season for Saturday, June 6th & Sunday June 7th, then daily from June 13th, 2015.   Trestle Bike Park & base area mini-golf also opens on June 13th, 2015.   Daily operating hours for Trestle Bike Park are 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and 10:00 am to 5:30 pm for base area activities. 

Winter Park Resort is fast becoming a top summer destination in the active vacation market, gaining national recognition as a must-do in downhill mountain biking communities, and building a stellar reputation as a terrific family destination with the development of base area activities and events throughout the summer months.

So, what’s in store this summer at Winter Park Resort?  The season will get of to a sweet start with the annual Winter Park Chocolate Festival, held in the Village on June 13th, from 10 am – 4 pm.   Stroll through booths of chocolatey decadence, and purchase a taste ticket to sample the wares.    

The Village Uncorked wine, art & cheese festival takes place on July 4th from 12 pm – 4 pm.  This popular event offers will be featuring workshop tents where special presenters will perform demonstrations, cheese workshops and a wine and cheese pairing course.  Regional wines and cheeses will be on sale, in addition to arts, crafts and photography works.

WP Chocolate FestivalColorado Freeride Festival is the big ticket item in this summer’s mountain bike events.  With more than $40,000 in prize money on offer, this four day event is the largest freeride festival in the US and attracts the pro mountain bike athletes from around the world.  In addition to the pro events, the festival also encourages participation in events by all levels of riders, with a strider bike adventure course and fancy dress parades for kids.   Colorado Freeride Festival takes place from July 23rd – 26th, 2015.

If you like a little spice in your life, don’t miss the High Altitude Flamethrower’s Chili Fest on August 15th & 16th, 2015.   This scrumptious event sees Colorado state chili chefs compete to earn a coveted spot to compete in the World Competition.

Other FREE weekly events in the Village at Winter Park include Coca-Cola Family Movies Nights every Friday at sunset on the outdoor screen on the village lawn (next to private lesson center), free live music at the Friday Music Series every Friday at the Village Gazebo from 4 – pm, and Popsicles In The Village where you and your family can reward yourselves on a fun filled day, popsicles are offered on a first come, first served basis at the Gazebo Plaza from 4-5 pm.  For further details on any of these free events, call one of our friendly reservation team at the number on the left; or check out our Winter Park Resort activity guide here.

Freeride-friday-Trestle-bike-park-300x169Trestle Bike Park, at Winter Park Resort, begins full operations on June 13th.   Offering 3 lifts, to more than 40 miles of nerve tingling downhill trails, Trestle Bike Park is one of the best in country.  

Want to join in the fun?  For those with a little experience under their belt, a Full Day Adult Pass to Trestle Bike Park is available for $41/day, or a Half Day for $36.   If you’d like a tune up, or some tips & skills training before you go it alone, we’d highly recommend signing up for one of the Trestle Freeride 1 Day Camps (July 18th & August 8th).  These 6 hour workshops use video analysis, and top training methods to elevate your downhill riding to the next level.   A full day camp with lift ticket & full rental (downhill bike, full face helmet, leg & arm protection) will set you back $159.99, and in our book, is worth every penny of it.  For more information on all Trestle Bike Park lessons and tickets, call 970-726-1564.

Trestle Bike Park will play host to many competitive bike events throughout the summer months.   Big bike events scheduled for summer at Winter Park Resort are:

Stay & Save With Winter Park Lodging Company

With more than 70 studios-4 bedroom properties at the Base Village of Winter Park Resort, we’re sure to have the perfect home to retreat to after a fun day of activities at the resort.  




May 30th, 2015

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Winter Park Chamber Launches New Mountain Bike Website 

Bike Trails In Winter ParkWinter Park, Colorado, has the official title of ‘Mountain Bike Capital USA‘.

Last month our local chamber of commerce solidified the area’s reputation by launching a new website ( that highlights the vast scope of trails & facilities available to all kinds of biker in the Winter Park & Fraser Valley.

We can’t get enough of this engaging and easy to navigate website, and highly recommend that both new & experienced bikers take a look at it before thier next summer vacation in the Winter Park area.

Top features on the site include Trail Descriptions, Race & Event Listings, Bike Park Overviews, and Rental Shop/Service Provider Listings.  We had some of our staff  take a closer look at some of these features, and give us their thoughts below:

Trail Descriptions

Mountain Bike Trail Descriptions‘I have to admit that I’m a bit of planner when it comes to mountain bike trips.  I like to get a feel for the type of terrain I’m likely to encounter, and look for forum discussions on specific trails and challenges that each trail may offer up.  The trail descriptions on do all of this, and a whole lot more.   Comprehensive trail directions are combined with total distance, difficulty rating,  vertical gain/drop & estimated ride time, along with an elevation profile that really spells out the different sections of the ride.    There’s an area for posting ‘Top tips, loves, or complaints‘ about the trail, plus YouTube videos and images that are submitted by past riders.  Finally, and most importantly for me, there is the ability to download the trail to GPX.   The site is clearly in it’s infancy, as there aren’t many comments posted just yet, but I’m looking forward to watching this develop, and will no doubt have a few tips to add there too.’

Chris Bradford, Owner, Winter Park Lodging Company

Downhill Mountain Biking In Winter ParkRace & Event Listings

‘I love the simplicity of the Bike Race & Event calendar listings on this site.  No more sifting through lots of different community events…just straight up bike time.  Granby Ranch events are clearly defined by their logo, which is a nice touch, and makes the initial filtering even easier.’

Ali Dubois, Front Desk Supervisor, Winter Park Lodging Company

Bike Park Overviews

‘There are two AMAZING bike parks in our area: Granby Ranch & Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort.    The Trestle Bike Park page is very user friendly, with an interactive trail map that gives you difficulty rating & short description, plus YouTube videos of runs as you hover over the trails. ‘

Zack Berkowitz, Maintenance, Winter Park Lodging Company


So there you have it.  Whether you want to cruise the Fraser River Trail, get away from it all on some epic singletrack, or let gravity take its course on a perfectly bermed downhill trail, is your #1 resource for biking fun in the Winter Park & Fraser Valley.  Check it out today!


June 4th, 2014

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Don’t worry, we are still in the full throws of winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little forward planning on the summer front.

If you happen to be an avid biker, or perhaps have just toyed with the idea of giving it a go, Winter Park is a really good place to set up camp for a summer vacation.   Touted as the ‘Mountain Bike Capital of USA’, Winter Park has over 600 miles of mountain bike trails for every level of rider.

With 2 nationally acclaimed downhill biking resorts (Winter Park Resort & Granby Ranch), the area always enjoys a full calendar of mountain bike events, and this year is no exception.  Watch the best in the world compete in the Colorado Freeride Festival, test your skills throughout the summer in the Epic 50 Singletrack, or get your littl’uns on the right path during the Family Bike Fest.

Road biking is also going to be making a major appearance in the event calendar, with Winter Park hosting a stage stop in the Denver Post Ride The Rockies tour.

About Ride The Rockies

June 7th – 13th (Winter Park June 8th)

Ride The Rockies Winter parkThis annual bicycle tour leads 2,000 cyclists on a 6 day, non-competitive trip along the paved roads of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.   Covering a total distance of 473 miles, and averaging about 65 miles per day, the tour is split into 6 different stages with stopovers at welcoming mountain towns for food, lodging and perhaps well deserved massage.

Winter Park is very proud to be hosting the first stage stopover of the tour (June 8th), and looks forward to welcoming the riders into our famously friendly town after their grueling 89 mile ride from Boulder, up Berthoud Pass, to Winter Park.  To see the mass of 2000 bicyclists riding their way into town is a rare spectacle, and one well worth watching if you are in the area.

The riders will depart Winter Park on June 9th, to ride another 94 miles, and up and over Rabbit Ears Pass, to reach their next stop at Steamboat Springs.

For more information and to register for the Denver Post Ride The Rockies event, click here.

About Colorado Freeride Festival

Colorado Free Ride FestivalJuly 24th – 27th, 2014.  Trestle Bike Park

The Colorado Freeride Festival returns to Winter Park, Colorado for the largest freeride event in the United States.   The best of the best will battle it out in Slopestyle, Enduro, Air Downhill, Cross Country, and…wait for it…Pond Crossing, to win their share of the $45,000 prize pocket.

The event is free to spectators and a rare chance for fans to get close up and personal with their idols during scheduled meet & greet sessions, and try out the latest product demos from major bike manufacturers from all over the world.  largest freeride festival in the United States runs July 24-27 and will feature the best mountain bikers in the world battling it out for over $45,000 in prize money.

For more information on the Colorado Freeride Festival, click here.

About Family Bike Fest

July 24th – 27th, 2014.  Winter Park Resort Village

Winter Park Resort wants to encourage people of all ages to get involved in mountain biking, and have set up this fun and family friendly event to coincide with the Colorado Bike Festival.

Head to the Village at Winter Park to find bike decorating tents, face painting, raffles and giveaways, and the Sombrio Pump Track Jam.

For more information on the Family Bike Fest, click here.

About Epic Singletrack Series

June 14th – August 23rd (6 race series)

This series of 6 singletrack races will test participants riding skills on a variety of trails and technical challenges in Winter Park.  The race courses are subject to change, but here’s what they have planned so far:

Saturday, June 14th, 2014             Excel Roofing Hill Climb                  Winter Park Resort Trails
Saturday, June 28th, 2014            XC Super Loop                                    Winter Park Trail System
Saturday, July 12th, 2014              Race Rendezvous                                Rendezvous Trail System
Saturday, July 26th, 2014             Epic X-C (Co Freeride Fest)             Winter Park Trail System
Saturday, August 9th, 2014          Epic X-C (point to point)                  Winter Park/Fraser Trail System
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014       Excel Roofing King of the Rockies   Tipperary/Fraser/Winter Park

For more details and to register for the Epic Singletrack Series, click here



March 6th, 2014

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The Mission: Plan 3 full days of activities, for two people, for under $100!

Sounds like a tall order I know, but we’re excited to give it a go.  My friends (Ellie & Joe) are coming to visit this July 12th – 14th, and so for the sake of argument, we’ll use that particular weekend as our testing ground.

Day 1: Thursday 12th July

Mtn Moon Yoga Pose with mountainsActivity 1: Yoga in Hideaway Park, 12 noon – 1 PM, FREE
Every Thursday, the Winter Park & Fraser Valley chamber of commerce puts on an hour long lunchtime yoga session, led by Mountain Moon Yoga.  What better way for Ellie & Joe to stretch out those traveling aches and meet some of the friendly locals?

Activity 2: Walk the Fraser River Trail & return through Grand Park, FREE
The peaceful Fraser River Trail follows the meandering river to the town of Fraser and pops out by the Fishing Ponds near Safeway.  When you get to Fraser, check out the Walk Through History Park and take a peek in the Kurtak Art Gallery & Winter Park Winery.  To complete the loop and get back to Winter Park, add a little fun and play the frisbe disk golf course through Grand Park.

Activity 3: Dance the night away at High Note Thursday, FREE
A great way to end the day is to head to Hideaway Park and watch the sun set over the mountains, while enjoying live music care of High Note Thursday.  Check out the High Note Thursday line up this summer.

Day 1 Budget Breakdown: Yoga + hike + gallery + frisbe golf + live music = $0.00

Winter Park: mountain bike capital USA


Day 2: Friday 12th July

Activity 1: Mountain Biking, 20% discount on rentals, $22.40/bike/day
Explore more of the Winter Park & Fraser Valley under a little pedal power with a mountain bike rental from Epic Mountain Sports, where Winter Park lodging company guests get a 20% discount.  With hundreds of free trails to choose from, ask the staff in Epic Mountain Sports for their recommendations based on your ability.


Activity 2: Friday Music At Winter Park Resort, FREE
There’s so much going on at Winter Park Resort, it’s really fun to just walk around The Village and take in all the action.   Bands play at the outdoor Gazebo every Friday during the summer long Friday Music Series.  

Activity 3: Music On The Mall, FREE
Cruise back to downtown Winter Parkand walk right across the street to Cooper Creek Square for yet more live entertainment at Music On The Mall.

Day 2 Budget Breakdown: mountain bike rental + live music at WPR + live music at Cooper Creek Square = $44.80

Colorado monarch lake hike

Day 3: Saturday 13th

Activity 1: Take a day trip to Grand Lake.  Canoe rental, $20

It’s only a 45 minute drive from Winter Park to Grand Lake and well worth the effort.  Top picks for things to do in Grand Lake are: hike around Monarch Lake (quintessential rocky mountain scenery), check out the stores along the board walk, and go for a canoe around one of the lakes.   The dates of Ellie & Joe’s trip also happen to coincide with the Grand Lake Antique & Classic Boat Show, a free event where enthusiasts show off their prize possessions.

Activity 2: Eco Road Show & Carriage Rides At Cooper Creek Square, FREE

Back in Winter Park, the Eco Road Show (art, puppets, magicians & live music) is keeping the crowds entertained all day long in Cooper Creek Square.  We’ll plan on heading back from Grand Lake in time to enjoy some of the show and also take advantage of a free horse-drawn carriage ride around the mall.

CheersFriendsDrinksActivity 4: Happy Hour!  FREE
As part of Ellie & Joe’s SolShine lodging special with Winter Park Lodging Company, they get a Happy Hour Voucher with their stay (worth two drinks & an appetizer) to enjoy at participating local restaurants.

Activity 5: SolShine Music Festival, FREE

SolShine Music Festival presents Quinn Sullivan & The Nevilles, live at Hideaway Park.  This free concert at Winter Park’s favorite outdoor venue is a perfect way to end three day thrifty trip.

Day 3 Budget Breakdown:
hike + canoe + boat show + eco show + carriage ride + happy hour + the nevilles & quinn sullivan = $20

The Results

So there you have it, after 3 days and 15 activities, Ellie & Joe will have only spent $64.80.   Being thrifty sure can be fun!

Check out more info on all of the activities above, plus a whole lot more by visiting Winter Park Lodging Company.

For lodging specials and to browse our selection of vacation homes, click here.

July 1st, 2013

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Mountain Bike Races at Winter Park Resort

It is getting that time for bicycle racing at Winter Park Resort.  This year should bring another great season of cross country bike racing with the Epic Singletrack series.

 2012 marks the 20th year of epic cross country racing hosted by the Winter Park Competition Center! The Epic Singletrack Series is proud to be the largest cross-country race series in Colorado, bringing you exciting race courses over the 600+ miles of single track in the Winter Park/Fraser Valley, also known as Mountain Bike Capital USA.  The Epic Singletrack series is a set of seven races held at and around the Winter Park Resort area. The races are grouped by ability: beginner, sport, expert and pro.

Some of the biggest names in biking have ridden these races with Lance Armstong being the best known name to race at Winter Park Resort.  Lance rode the King of the Rockies in 1999 after winning his first Tour de France.  While it is exciting for Winter Park Resort to have hosted such high profile riders as Armstrong, it should also be noted that they are proud to be a welcoming and fun race series for those wishing to try mountain bike racing for the first time. No memberships are required!

Epic Singletrack Race Schedule:

  • Race 1: June 16 – Hill Climb Kick-Off
  • Race 2: June 30 – Epic XC
  • Race 3: July 14 – Epic XC
  • Race 4: July 15 – Epic STXC
  • Race 5: July 28 – Epic XC
  • Race 6: August 4 – Epic XC
  • Race 7: August 25 – King of the Rockies

To find out more about the Epic Singletrack Mountain Bike Race Series checkout their website.

Want to have the best pre-race schedule?  Let Winter Park Lodging Company set you up in the most convenient Epic Single Track Lodging, usually a walking distance from the start line.  No need to wake up early to up to Winter Park come up the night before and let your lungs adjust to the 9000 ft. altitude up here at Winter Park Resort.

Check out all the Winter Park Epic Resort Single Track properties and get your first choice of digs today.

Get ready mountain bike season is upon us and the Epic Singletrack Series is starting June 16th!

April 20th, 2012

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YouTube Winter Park Lodging Company
Winter Park Lodging Company now has it’s own YouTube Channel. Want to see all of our latest ski and mountain biking videos to get you psyched up for your coming trip look no further than the WPLCo YouTube Channel.  Also, on the channel you will find tours of our properties to really see the vacation rental that you will be staying at on your trip to Winter Park, Colorado.
We have about 62 videos on the channel so far with lots of skiing at Winter Park and Mary Jane and even a couple of days with Powder Addiction on Jones Pass.  The ski videos are all from last year but we are expecting another bonanza La Nina year.  So, look for some good powder skiing with some new ski shots from our new additions to the Winter Park Lodging Company staff, Bill & Conor, affectionately known as the B C boys.
Last year one of our ski videos was picked up by the Weather Channel and was played nationwide for two days.  Star of that almighty ski video was none other than WP local Ed.  Check out the now famous Pine Cliff skiing at Mary Jane below:

You can also find on the, hopefully in the near future, famous Winter Park Lodging Company YouTube Channel are Winter Park, Colorado mountain bike videos.  Some fun stuff on the 600 or so miles of mountain bike trails we have surrounding WP.  Here is a trip down Winter Park Lodging Company favorite Broken Thumb and Twisted Ankle:

Looking to see some Winter Park/Mary Jane ski and mountain bike footage subscribe to the Winter Park Lodging Company YouTube Channel.

If you would like to come and enjoy our ski runs and mountain bike hills check out the Winter Park Lodging Company vacation rentals.

October 21st, 2011

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