Cash Money

$avings on the $lopes and $urroundings

Book Direct with a local company, they are the area experts and can frequently bundle your savings with connections to other local deals.

Lodging: Book Direct, book early and book local.  Local lodging companies know the territory! If you book directly with a local lodging company, you will avoid third-party fees, while working with people that are members of the community and are best able to accommodate particulars in regards to budget, property specifics, and connections to local specials, in-house and reciprocal discount packages, and current events. Quality lodging companies are expert at taking care of details. At the time of booking your lodging, always ask about any reciprocal deals that they may be able to set up for you concerning the other provisions for your upcoming vacation: lift tickets, equipment rentals, event discounts, etc. Lower rates on lodging are most obtainable during mid-week, non-holiday periods. Consider booking a vacation rental right at the resort.  Though it would seem that ski-in/ski-out properties would be more costly, there are great savings to be had when you have easy access to food and drink at your place of lodging.    

Make advanced bookings—for every component:  from lodging to car rentals, to lift tickets, to gear packages.

Lift Tickets—the reason you’re headed up to Winter Park Resort and Mary Jane during the snow season is to spend some prime time on those legendary ski trails.  When planning ahead, there are methods to save more and ski more.  The two best means of ski vacation savings are to utilize advance online purchasing and to ski multiple days.  Walk-up window rates can cost up to $159 for a day on the slopes.  However, when you make your plans more than a week in advance, you can save up to $35.00 a day, by going to the Winter Park Resort site and purchasing your lift tickets on-line.  Additionally, when you are skiing more than a single day, and who isn’t, your savings are even higher: at least seven days in advance, buy a QuickTrax Card online. Click below for more info on how we can help with lift tickets.  

Gear-up: Snow and recreation in the snow requires lots of equipment.  If you already own all of your own equipment and are coming from out-of-state, check into the possibility of pre-shipping some of your gear to your destination ahead of time.  This is often more cost-effective than the airline over-size bagging fees. Plus, it relieves some of the hassles of travel days, you just need to get yourselves to the land of snow. When renting, online advance equipment and clothing rental is going to save you time, money and stress.  The cost savings could be up to 40%! See below in the “partner company reciprocal budget deals” section
for ways to save up to 25% on ski rentals through Winter Park Lodging Company.  Another popular option for budget-savvy travelers are consignment shops and other used-clothing retailers.

Invest in trip insurance.
You are booking early; life is full of surprises.  Insurance can save you thousands of dollars.  Should illness, an accident, or a host other unexpected misfortune come your way, good travel insurance can help one calamity not erupt into a financial disaster, as well.  Click below to learn more about trip insurance.

Always ask about age-related, job-related, and military discounts that may apply.

Ski resorts often offer college, military, and senior discounts.  Generally, all you need is documentation of your status and you receive a nice discount on lift passes.  If you work in a related industry it could be worth calling ahead and stating your name and business.  They might just offer you a special discount.  If you have a large group, call group sales at any resort and most of the time they will negotiate a price that is fair to you and them.

Teddy Bear Illness

Local lodging companies will do the same if you book direct with them.  Click below to see what we offer at Winter Park Lodging Company.

Ask about partner company reciprocal budget deals—for lessons, equipment, car rental, etc.

Not only will a local lodging company have the insider information on what the best thing happening is at the time, they will also have connections with other local businesses and provide reciprocating discounts with them. For example, if it’s rafting season, we provide 10% off with the local whitewater rafting outfit.  We provide discounts on everything ranging from outdoor experiences to retail savings in Winter Park and even car rentals!



Take advantage of multi-day lift tickets or passes.

Lift ticket deals exist all the time.

Multi-day pass—flexibility to choose a 2-out-of 3-days pass, or better, ski 7-out-of-10 days pass.  Savings vary and there is a limited inventory of these specially priced tickets.  Winter Park Resort offers discounts to seniors (70 years plus), children, students, and Military.  Notice, those little guys (kids 5 and under) can ski for $10, what a great ski deal!  Also, be on the lookout for “first-timers” deals.  You can often get lessons and learners slopes’ access for reduced pricing.

Passesextended vacations. You have the time, you have the desire—you are ready to spend more than seven days on the slopes.  A season pass is the way to go, even when buying midseason!  Take a look at the Winter Park Resort online site for unlimited lift passes, such as The Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus (also includes six days at Steamboat) or all Winter Park/Mary Jane Pass for unlimited skiing for the rest of the season. There is a variety of ski options available, some which incorporate lift tickets for other resort areas; and other choices that are spring skiing specific.  For truly savvy savers, look at the upcoming year’s ski season pass in April or May: you will surprise yourself with how budget-friendly a ski pass can be!

Public transportation is most often the lowest cost, or even free.

Amtrak Winter Park Express: this unique experience train ride to Winter Park Resort is available January through March, on weekends.  Tickets range between $39 and $59; though, there are a limited number of early booking discount tickets avail for as low as $29.

Home James Transportation: Denver to Winter Park shuttle company.  Two hour trip in well-equipped shuttle vans.  $70-$100 per adult ticket.  Adjust pricing for groups. Half-price for children.  Deals and specials are often available online. 

Once you are up in Winter Park, the free, fun, and convenient shuttle service at your disposal is The Lift.  This public transportation will get you all around the resort, and the towns of Winter Park and Fraser, with multiple stops and extended hours.  Download the RideHop app.  Use access code: lift.

Stay during mid-week, non-holiday periods.
If you have the luxury of being able to get away during the week you will not only deal with a lower number of people on the slopes and on the roads, you will find lower prices on lodging, activities, and dining.  Most businesses offer great mid-week deals and specials.  At Winter Park Lodging Company our prices average $50-$100 less per night from Sunday through Wednesday.
Fresh Corduroy Winter Park

Mid Week Ski Slopes

Groceries and DIY meals and snack are the cheapest way to go.

Food: For cheap eats, the same tricks apply when on vacation that you practice at home.  Groceries always cost less than restaurants. If you’re coming up from Denver, pick up your food-stuff in the city, it is more economical than in the mountains.  Though, there are several moderately priced grocery stores in town, too.  Liquor stores are going to be significantly cheaper than bar service.  So, stock your vacation kitchen with convenient food and beverage supplies, and have greater control over the budget. There is even a local company, the Grocery Guys, that will shop for you if you’re wanting groceries waiting at your property.  You can still choose those times for indulging in culinary splurges.  Another tip for less money, additional fun, is to ‘pocket pack.’  Whether you put a backpack to work or use your parka’s pockets, there is a lot of portable nourishment that can keep you on the slopes while others are spending prime time and a chunk of change on the slope-side fare. Make it a meal on the go, and you’ll be in the dough!

Check out the free events calendars, before you go and upon arrival.

Activities & Events: Ski towns are vacation towns—they know how to radiate hospitality.  Free events and activities abound: concerts, classes, recreation, and discovery are the standard inviting happenings in Winter Park.  Once you know your travel dates, get online to access the resort, the town, and the Chamber of Commerce’s calendar of events. Check out the Winter Park Resort site for upcoming events on the mountain; and, for the town of Winter Park: .  Your vacation stay may need to be prolonged just to attend the fun and free specials!

Get Creative.

Another popular option for budget-savvy travelers are consignment shops and other used-clothing retailers.  Ski towns generally have great selections of gently used clothing and equipment available in these shops.  For kids that are quickly out-growing their garb, this is an especially appealing option. This last budget-smart option may present major savings but is relationship specific. Should you have friends or family living in Colorado, have a look at end-of-season bargains on equipment at the rental shops.  Pick up a pair of skis, boots, a snowboard, at incredible mark-down prices.Then, have your friend or family member store that equipment for your yearly trip.  A fun possibility–you and the friend go in together on a high-end pair of skis, and the friend can ski on them during times when you’re not using them.  We have a few friend groups for which this has actually been a wise financial success.  It saves the vacationers money and rental worries, and the keeper of the goods gets some time on shared equipment that may offer different thrills than their primary equipment.  The idea has been tested— it is worth consideration.

Fire and Wine



“Spend little, live large, and extend the happiness!”


Get the best Bang For Your Buck With Winter Park Lodging Company

Winter Park Lodging Company has a great lineup of properties located throughout the Fraser Valley :

Read More

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1-23-2018—by Anne-Marie & Larry

January 29th, 2018

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Living The HGTV Dream

I’m not a big one for pinning my hopes on scratch cards or life changing lottery wins, but there’s something about the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway that lures me in every year.   Seriously, I’m going on 10 years of entering my email into that magic box every morning like a well trained puppy!

As with most Dream Home groupies, I enjoy losing myself in the fantasy world of what it would be like to live in such a home, in such an incredible location.

Well, now you can test out one of those fantasies, even if your name isn’t necessarily on the deed!

That’s right the 2007 HGTV Dream Home, based in none other than Winter Park, is now part of our luxury home rental program and available to rent this winter.

HGTV dream home for rent

Mary Jane’s Dream Home, The Perfect Vacation Property

Located in the exclusive, gated community of Bridger’s Cache, Mary Jane’s Dream Home is one of only a handful of properties snuggled into the woodland below the slopes of Mary Jane at Winter Park Resort.

An alluring blend of rustic mountain architecture and unique and charming interior design, Mary Jane’s Dream Home certainly lives up to its coveted title; but what really stands out about this home, is its innate livability and warmth.

Upon entering the home, you’ll be in awe of the grand beam construction throughout the home, yet find yourself immediately at ease and immersed in the warm hues and plush, welcoming décor.

As you explore the home, you’ll find yourself unable to stop yourself from sinking into an inviting sofa, or doing a quick Goldilocks mattress-bounce on a bed or two along the way.   As the kids charge through the lower level, claiming their bunk and reveling in having their very own movie den and wet bar, you’ll no doubt find each of your adult guests on one of the many private balconies, gazing out at the breathtaking surroundings and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

hgtv dream home winter parkWith multiple lounging areas and four sumptuous bedrooms to relax in, there are plenty of little hideaways when you need some downtime, but vacationing with friends and family is all about sharing experiences, and the social center of Mary Jane’s Dream Home has to be the fabulous main level.

Complete with a cozy lounge with fireplace and huge picture window framing the winter wonderland outside, super cool kitchen (with ample room for multiple chefs!) and large dining table to gather and enjoy a home cooked feast, when it’s time to bring everyone together, Mary Jane’s Dream Home delivers.

Mary Jane's Dream House Specs



Snuggled In The Woods Below Mary Jane 

Ah yes, skiing.  I was so wrapped up in the delights of this home in itself, I almost forgot about the world-class skiing on the doorstep….almost.

Winter Park Resort is a front runner in Colorado’s ski resort rankings, with 3000+ acres of skiing terrain that can both challenge the most experienced skier, and stir up a new found passion in a first timer.   Perfect for families and groups of mixed abilities, Winter Park Resort splits its area into seven distinct territories, click here to check out our latest guide to the Seven Territories Of Winter Park Resort.

Mary Jane’s Dream Home sits below the slopes of Mary Jane Territory – the local’s favorite, and home to the best bump skiing in North America.   A one minute car ride will get you to the Mary Jane Base Area lifts, or hop on the Corridor Trail (100 yard walk) and buzz your way down to the main base area of Winter Park, with Ski School access and ‘Parkside’ lifts.

Winter Park Mary Jane spring skiing deals

CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE and browse the full listing for Mary Jane’s Dream Home (with photos, interactive floor plan and sleeping arrangements).



December 4th, 2015

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Winter Park’s Having The Best Season In Years!

parry_edited-2Sure, Winter Park Resort has been serving up a little slice of paradise since 1939, but with this much snowfall, we’re talking about a whole new level of utopia.

With recent snowfalls bringing our season total to 293 inches (and falling) and a resort snow base of 6.5 feet, the outlook for spring is looking great, with an anticipation that the entire mountain will be skiing well, long into April.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for that steal of a deal, or you want to get one last fix before the season ends, the smart money’s on April.

Long hailed by the locals as their favorite time to ski, April serves up long, warm days of largely empty slopes for skiers.  Plus, there is all kinds of end of season revelry to get involved in during the annual Springtopia & Spring Splash weekend.

All Access April

Winter Park Resort Triple Play Pass – On Sale Now For $109
Check out the Triple Play Pass (available with lodging reservation)  that is currently on sale for $109.  It entitles the holder to enjoy three, unrestricted days of skiing in the month of April (yep, skiing for $36/day).  The price will be increasing as the season progresses, so grab your pass soon!

April Lodging Deals
In addition to the discount skiing available, you’d be amazed at what you can pick up a vacation rental for during the month of April.  Given that Spring Break has come to a close by April, most companies will offer reduced lodging rates for the last few weeks of the season.  Check out Winter Park Lodging Company’s April lodging special here.



March 6th, 2014

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Discount rental cars with EasySkiEasySki Wheeling & Dealing On Your Behalf

We are very happy to announce that we have answered your requests and extended our EasySki services to include quality car rentals at affordable rates.

Driving in the Colorado high country can be a bit of a daunting experience at times, so we’ve teamed up with one of the nation’s most reputable car rental companies, Alamo, to offer our guests a discounted rate on their fleet of 4-wheel drive, SUVs.

Talk to us about your size preferences and we’ll help you pick out the best fit from standard, midsize, full size or premium SUV.  Got ski gear?  No problem; all of our Alamo SUV rentals come with a full ski rack to transport that treasured gear up to the mountains.

The Alamo Car Rental company are a 24 hour service, and are located on-site at DIA, and about a 5 minutes bus ride from the main Jeppesen Terminal (baggage claim).  The Alamo courtesy shuttle is easily accessible at pick up/drop off point 6 on level 5 of the terminal.  When you arrive at the Alamo lot, pop inside to the guest representative and give them your booking reference (supplied by us when book with EasySki), sign the paperwork, and grab your keys.

When you get settled into your ride, you’re an easy 1.5 hour drive away from Winter Park, with total freedom to stop off along the way if you want to check out some of the areas other attractions, such as Red Rocks Ampitheater & the Idaho Springs Gold Mines.

thanksgiving special

If you are planning a Thanksgiving trip to Winter Park, check out our great introductory rates for November 27 – December 1st.

Car Type Daily 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day Weekly
Minivan $225 $557 $782 $1,007 $1,185 $1,363
Midsize SUV $205 $637 $842 $1,185 $1,205 $1,225
Standard SUV $210 $642 $843 $1,044 $1,169 $1,244
Fullsize SUV $201 $653 $854 $1,032 $1,182 $1,257
Premium SUV $201 $663 $864 $1,065 $1,265 $1,290

For further details on our car rentals, and all other Winter Park Lodging Company discounts, call our main number above, and ask to speak with our EasySki Team.



November 5th, 2013

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It is fair to say that when the snow starts flying, the big focus in Winter Park is the world class skiing to be had at Winter Park Resort.  But we all need a day away from the slopes from time to time, and with so many other activities on offer, it would be a crying shame to go home without trying out at least a couple of the following.


Ride the divide with Grand Adventures#1  Snowmobiling

Zip your way up to the Continental Divide and feel like you are on top of the world with Grand Adventures Snowmobile Tours.   Take in incredible views of the Winter Park Ski Resort, Fraser Valley & the Front Range Mountains during this beginner friendly 2 hour tour.   Perfect for the beginner to intermediate riders and families looking to experience Colorado’s backcountry on a snowmobile.

Click here for details of our Winter Park Lodging Company discounts with Grand Adventures Snowmobiling.

#2   Ice-skating

There’s something distinctly romantic about ice skating on a real pond as snowflakes fall around you.  Winter Park has a variety of ice skating venues on offer at little or no cost to any would be Nancy Kerrigans out there.

sleigh ride#3   safari Sleigh ride

If you’ve ever yearned to take a break from the high speed chase we call modern life and make a return to the more traditional values of good old fashioned ranchin’, it’s time you took a Feed Sleigh Ride at Cabin Creek Stables of Devil’s Thumb Ranch.

Click here for our Winter Park Lodging Company sleigh ride discounts with Cabin Creek Stables.

#4   Dog sled rides

If you’ve ever longed to feel like Nanook and command your own sled of dogs, have we got the adventure for you.  Winter Park Lodging Company has partnered with Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park to provide our guests with an exhilarating-once-in-a-life-time ride.

Click here for our Winter Park Lodging Company dog sled discounts with Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park.

snow-tubing-300x225#5   Tubing & sledding

A favorite activity among locals and visitors, young and old, families and friends is snow tubing and sledding.  Winter Park and the Fraser Valley has a variety of locations to choose from.

Click here for our Winter Park Lodging Company tubing discounts with Colorado Adventure Park.

#6   Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a great and inexpensive way to escape the crowds and enjoy the simple splendor of reconnecting with mother nature.   Winter Park is home to a vast network of public trails that offer everything from an easy stroll along a sparkling creek bed, to a heart pumping hike to the high ground.

Click here for our Favorite trails for snowshoeing in the Winter Park Area.

hot-air-balloon-winter-park#7   Hot air balloon rides

A hot air balloon ride is a wonderful experience in all year round. Believe it or not, Wintertime is a great time to take flight aboard a hot air balloon ride. The temperature actually rises as you reach higher altitude, so while the rest of Winter Park is shivering away below, you’ll be feeling warm and toasty in your hot air balloon.


#8    skibiking

Join in the hot new craze on the mountain: skibiking, aka Frankenbiking!  Believe it or not, skibiking is very easy to learn and a really fun way to get around the mountain.  Winter Park Resort offers beginner and intermediate skibike lessons daily, and even offer night rides when the Sunspot Restaurant is operating.

Click here for our Winter Park Lodging Company hot air balloon ride discounts with Grand Adventure Balloons.

Mineral baths near Winter Park Colorado#9    Hot springs, hot tubs and spas

Sometimes a day off should be just that.  If you want to sit back, relax and give your body a little well deserved TLC check out the plethora of pamper palaces on offer in the winter park area.   A forty minute drive west of Winter Park will find you at the town of Hot Sulphur Springs, and the historic Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa.   Offering a full range of spa services, (including massage, body wraps and facials) and over 20 hot spring pools to choose from, the resort is a pure mecca of relaxation and natural wellness.  A little closer to home is Devils Thumb Ranch, a true paradise of mountain beauty and charm, with a jaw droppingly beautiful spa that you’ll never want to leave.

#10   broomball

Think ice-hockey minus the skates, pads and brawls.  Broomball is a fun, free activity on offer at the Village Pond at Winter Park Resort.


Click here for all other fun activities in the Winter Park area.



October 4th, 2013

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A ski vacation is one of the most fulfilling, fun and memorable experiences you can have, but getting all details in order can be a daunting experience.  Worry not, the reservation team at Winter Park Lodging Company are here to help with their top ten tips to stretch your dollars, keep you smiling and make the most out of your next Winter Park ski vacation.

HOme page top picture#1    Book Early

All seasoned skiers know that there is one golden rule when organizing a ski vacation…to get the best deal on lift tickets, equipment rentals and accommodation, you’ve got to book early.  Sure, there’s a chance you might get lucky and find a last minute deal on lodging, but you’ll more than likely end up paying premium rates for your airplane flight, ski lift tickets & ski/snowboard rentals…and spend the better part of your first morning standing in a line for the privilege.  When you book early, you don’t just get great deals, you can also move on from the booking process and start enjoying all the fun stuff: checking out local activities, events, restaurants, ski trail routes etc.

#2     make a list of your accommodation needs

The beauty of working with a local vacation rental company, is that you gain access to a vast pool of lodging options that can cater to most budgets and criteria of potential guests.  Before you begin your search for accommodation in Winter Park, talk to all of your group members and write down a list of your needs and desires.  Top of the bill is of course dates, location, occupancy/sleeping arrangements, type of home (condo/townhome/stand-alone); but don’t forget to write down your additional preferences:  do you want a second living room, or den for the kids?  would you like a pet friendly home?  do you want a private hot tub, washer/dryer, sauna?  how many cars do you need to fit in the garage/driveway?  The bigger the list, the better your reservation specialist can help you find your perfect vacation home.

 Man Doing Sit-ups ca. 2002#3  get in shape before you go

Skiing at 10,000 ft + is no joke, so getting a little body conditioning under your belt before your trip will really help you make the most of your time on the Winter Park slopes.    There are a lot of free a ski conditioning work outs available online, and committing to a few work outs a week, at least a month prior to your trip, will really make a difference to your balance, strength, and endurance on ‘the hill’.


#4    see if there is a free host guide service

Many ski resorts employ mountain hosts to be on hand to answer any questions, and even lead ski tours on the mountain.  For example, Winter Park Resort offers free, 2 hour mountain orientation tours, departing daily at 10:30am and 1pm.  Taking a tour with a mountain host isn’t just a great way to get a feel for the trail system, it’s also a chance to ask a local expert about the best restaurants, events, must see view points, and is well worth signing up for.

Winter Park ski school#5   Book a lesson

Whether you are a first time skier, need a refresher, or want to fine tune your established skills, a lesson is always a good idea.  As ski equipment continues to evolve and develop, so too do ski techniques and styles.  A quick lesson will set you on the right path for a successful ski vacation.


#6    Plan on taking a day away from the slopes

Yes, we know, you came to the mountains to ski.  But a day away from the slopes will give your skiing muscles a well deserved day off, and let you discover more of the local area and the attractions it has to offer.  Check out our list of discounted local activities and start planning that new snowy adventure.

winter park, a family friendly resort#7   invest in a good layering system

Having the right layering system can make the difference between a fantastic day on the slopes and a terrible day on the slopes.  Choosing ski specific under layers made of natural fibers (such as wool) will wick any moisture away from your body when you are working up a sweat, and provide warmth and comfort when the temps are dropping.  A breathable mid-layer will provide wind resistance, and your outerwear will keep you dry.  All manner of color, shapes and styles are out there to tempt you, but when you find your perfect layering system, you’ll never let it go.

#8    Pocket snacks

Mountain dining is pricey, and while we quite agree that having a burger at lunch is a wonderfully gratifying reward, keeping a stash of pocket snacks on hand will reduce your idle spending, and give you that little boost of energy throughout the day without breaking the bank.  Some of our favorites are nuts, energy chews, dried fruit and…wait for it…beef jerky.

Always hydrate in winter park#9   Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The town of Winter park sits at 9,100 ft, and during your day on the mountain, you could regularly be whizzing up as high as 11,200 ft.  Although most people only experience mild reactions to vacationing at this altitude  (shortness of breath, blocked sinuses, mild head ache), some may experience a more severe reaction (High Altitude Sickness) which is a serious condition that requires medical attention.  Our number one tip for acclimatizing to the Winter Park elevation is to DRINK LOTS OF WATER, limit caffeinated/alcoholic beverages, and take it easy on your first day on the slopes.


#10   don’t be afraid to ask

The beauty of working with a local company when booking your ski vacation, is that they tend to have all kinds of connections within the local community.  Here at Winter Park Lodging Company, we have given suggestions for the perfect place to propose, provided a surprise birthday cake at an overseas relative’s request, loaned sleds to properties with ‘the perfect hill’, and a whole lot more.  If you have queries or needs during your stay, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone; we’ll always do our best to try to help.



October 4th, 2013

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best rentals in winter parkearn huge ski discounts when you stay with winter park lodging company

It’s only a few short months until ski season, and the savvy skier knows that the earlier you book your lift tickets, the better the deal. 

If you are planning on staying with us and skiing at peak season (or any other time this winter), we strongly encourage you to buy your lift tickets early through our EasySki service, it will make a huge difference to your wallet!

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of having to swallow the price of a prime time lift pass from the ticket window, you’ll agree that taking advantage of these early purchase deals is more than worth it. 

But before we get into the nitty gritty of just how much you can save, a word to the wise: THESE LIFT TICKET DEALS EXPIRE SEPT 30TH, 2013 so don’t delay, call us today ON 877-536-5910.  

Please note, we can only sell lift tickets to booked Winter Park Lodging Company guests, so check out our lodging deals first, and if you book, we would be happy to arrange these great discounts for you.    

steal of a deal: ski 4 days at winter park 2013/14 for just $179

ski pass image

Break that down to a daily rate, and that means that you can ski the holidays for just $44 a day!   

No black out dates, and it even comes in the form of a swanky plastic photo pass that gives you some additional benefits, normally restricted to season pass holders.

Only a limited number 4-Day photo passes are available, so if you want to take advantage of this, or any other EasySki deals, EMAIL OR CALL OUR EASYSKI TEAM TODAY ON 877-536-5910. 

Skiing more or less days than 4 days during your stay?    The four day pass is such a good deal, it may still be a better deal to buy this over a 3 day pass, or combine it with additional tickets if you would like to ski longer.   We’ve done the math, and have put together our best rates for a 3 day, 4 day, 5 day & 6 day adult ski passes below.

3 DAY LIFT PASS (2013/14)


4 DAYS LIFT PASS(2013/14)



5 DAY LIFT PASS (2013/14)



6 DAY LIFT PASS (2013/14)

6 day lift ticket rates




easyski services




September 5th, 2013

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The Mission: Plan 3 full days of activities, for two people, for under $100!

Sounds like a tall order I know, but we’re excited to give it a go.  My friends (Ellie & Joe) are coming to visit this July 12th – 14th, and so for the sake of argument, we’ll use that particular weekend as our testing ground.

Day 1: Thursday 12th July

Mtn Moon Yoga Pose with mountainsActivity 1: Yoga in Hideaway Park, 12 noon – 1 PM, FREE
Every Thursday, the Winter Park & Fraser Valley chamber of commerce puts on an hour long lunchtime yoga session, led by Mountain Moon Yoga.  What better way for Ellie & Joe to stretch out those traveling aches and meet some of the friendly locals?

Activity 2: Walk the Fraser River Trail & return through Grand Park, FREE
The peaceful Fraser River Trail follows the meandering river to the town of Fraser and pops out by the Fishing Ponds near Safeway.  When you get to Fraser, check out the Walk Through History Park and take a peek in the Kurtak Art Gallery & Winter Park Winery.  To complete the loop and get back to Winter Park, add a little fun and play the frisbe disk golf course through Grand Park.

Activity 3: Dance the night away at High Note Thursday, FREE
A great way to end the day is to head to Hideaway Park and watch the sun set over the mountains, while enjoying live music care of High Note Thursday.  Check out the High Note Thursday line up this summer.

Day 1 Budget Breakdown: Yoga + hike + gallery + frisbe golf + live music = $0.00

Winter Park: mountain bike capital USA


Day 2: Friday 12th July

Activity 1: Mountain Biking, 20% discount on rentals, $22.40/bike/day
Explore more of the Winter Park & Fraser Valley under a little pedal power with a mountain bike rental from Epic Mountain Sports, where Winter Park lodging company guests get a 20% discount.  With hundreds of free trails to choose from, ask the staff in Epic Mountain Sports for their recommendations based on your ability.


Activity 2: Friday Music At Winter Park Resort, FREE
There’s so much going on at Winter Park Resort, it’s really fun to just walk around The Village and take in all the action.   Bands play at the outdoor Gazebo every Friday during the summer long Friday Music Series.  

Activity 3: Music On The Mall, FREE
Cruise back to downtown Winter Parkand walk right across the street to Cooper Creek Square for yet more live entertainment at Music On The Mall.

Day 2 Budget Breakdown: mountain bike rental + live music at WPR + live music at Cooper Creek Square = $44.80

Colorado monarch lake hike

Day 3: Saturday 13th

Activity 1: Take a day trip to Grand Lake.  Canoe rental, $20

It’s only a 45 minute drive from Winter Park to Grand Lake and well worth the effort.  Top picks for things to do in Grand Lake are: hike around Monarch Lake (quintessential rocky mountain scenery), check out the stores along the board walk, and go for a canoe around one of the lakes.   The dates of Ellie & Joe’s trip also happen to coincide with the Grand Lake Antique & Classic Boat Show, a free event where enthusiasts show off their prize possessions.

Activity 2: Eco Road Show & Carriage Rides At Cooper Creek Square, FREE

Back in Winter Park, the Eco Road Show (art, puppets, magicians & live music) is keeping the crowds entertained all day long in Cooper Creek Square.  We’ll plan on heading back from Grand Lake in time to enjoy some of the show and also take advantage of a free horse-drawn carriage ride around the mall.

CheersFriendsDrinksActivity 4: Happy Hour!  FREE
As part of Ellie & Joe’s SolShine lodging special with Winter Park Lodging Company, they get a Happy Hour Voucher with their stay (worth two drinks & an appetizer) to enjoy at participating local restaurants.

Activity 5: SolShine Music Festival, FREE

SolShine Music Festival presents Quinn Sullivan & The Nevilles, live at Hideaway Park.  This free concert at Winter Park’s favorite outdoor venue is a perfect way to end three day thrifty trip.

Day 3 Budget Breakdown:
hike + canoe + boat show + eco show + carriage ride + happy hour + the nevilles & quinn sullivan = $20

The Results

So there you have it, after 3 days and 15 activities, Ellie & Joe will have only spent $64.80.   Being thrifty sure can be fun!

Check out more info on all of the activities above, plus a whole lot more by visiting Winter Park Lodging Company.

For lodging specials and to browse our selection of vacation homes, click here.

July 1st, 2013

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Winter Park Resort Early season deals $50 to spend at restaurants with early ski season bookings

Get $50 on your Winter Park Key Card with stays between November 14 and December 31, 2012.  Its easy as easy as 1,2,3 and you get fifty buckaroos.

Here are the details:

  • Stay two nights or more and receive $50 to spend on the Winter Park Key Card
  • Valid for stays between November 14 and Dec 31
  • Valid for reservations booked after October 26
  • One promotion per reservation

Check out the list of Winter Park Key Card participating merchants.  We will get you your key card and load up your $50.  Use the card like a credit card at any of the listed merchants.  As we say as easy as 1,2,3.

Looking for lodging, lift tickets or ski rentals?  Let one of Winter Park Lodging Company’s vacation specialists help you through the whole process.  With WPLCo Easy Ski service getting to the ski hill is as easy as can be. We will deliver your lift tickets to your door, set up a custom boot fitting in your vacation rental and get you skis to the hill so there is no carrying for you. We can even book your Winter Park Resort ski lesson.

All this Winter Park Lodging Company guest service plus $50 for staying before December 31st.  You need to book your trip now!

October 29th, 2012

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Backcountry Cat skiing ColoradoSnow Cat Skiing in Winter Park, Colorado

Powder Addiction is offering up the cheapest snow cat skiing rates of the year with a 20% off sale through the end of August.

Powder Addiction will start up ski operations December 10, 2012 and the snow forecast is looking pretty good for this coming season, everyone knock on wood. If you have not been out with Powder Addiction to hit the powder of Jones Pass you are missing out.  There is not a more fun, safe and exhilarating way to spend a winter day in Colorado.

Check out the trips we have had with PA here at Winter park Lodging Company:

We here at Winter Park Lodging Company can book your cat skiing trip with PA using our EasySki Travel service.  Check out Powder Addiction with Winter Park Lodging Company.
Here is the full Powder Addiction Cat Skiing deal:

Reservations open for the 2012-2013 season!

Book before Labor Day and get 20% off.

Book between September 3 & 24, 2012 and get 10% off.

*Discount for online bookings only.

Colorado ski resort snowfallFeeling like you want to wait to see if the snow conditions are going to be favorable to the Winter Park area?  Check out initial snowfall prediction for the USA this coming ski season.  Map brought to you by GEOEA.ORG.  Read the complete US snowfall prediction for this coming ski season.


Think snow, snow. snow and and purchase your seat on a Powder Addiction backcountry snowcat ski trip early to save some cash.

August 17th, 2012

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