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Ski season is coming upon soon here in Winter Park, CO and I was reminded today of how much fun the ski season is here in Colorado.  First ,we awoke to snow on the hills above Winter Park and Mary Jane.  Then I’m reading the Google Winter Park news and there is an article from an Aussie that we skied with last year in one of our times up with Powder Addiction.  In fact the photo to the left was taken the day that we skied with the Aussie.

Here is a little bit of what they are reading about Winter Park, CO down-under:

It is early and still cold in the mountains of Winter Park, near Denver, Colorado. The last of the overnight snow is lazily making its way to the ground as a timid sun inches above the peaks.

Today, I am going back-country snowcat skiing at Berthoud Pass with a bunch of hardcore skiers from the area.

Inside, Jamie Wolter’s sun-wizened face is creased into a toothy smile. Our lead guide doesn’t share my nervousness. He lives for days like this.

One by one, my new mountain allies wander in from the cold. They are old skiing buddies and have spent countless hours together on skis. Some have moved away to Denver and other towns but most still live close and ski these hills regularly. They chat happily, discussing gear, conditions, jobs and families.

Skis and packs sorted, we squeeze into the van and head up Berthoud Pass to the Front Range slopes in the Arapaho National Forest.

The Aussie is Ben Doherty who is the travel writer for the Sydney Herald.  Ben has a pretty sweet gig as Colorado Ski Country and Winter Park Resort set him up to fly out to Colorado and…… ski.  His article about cat skiing with Powder Addiction got me jonesing to make some turns in some nice fluffy powder.  Oh well, it shall be here soon.

Check out Ben’s article about Winter Park Cat skiing with Powder Addiction and if you are not getting the ache to get on the skis then you are not powder addicted in the correct way.  And if you did not make it up to Jones Pass to make some turns with Powder Addiction last year, make sure to check them out this year.

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