Winter Park, CO Ski Tune

ski tune winter park resortGet the Skis Ready Ski Season is Coming

It is getting that time to go through the ski bag and check out all of the ski equipment. Take a look at the skis and see if there is any wax left on the boards and is that the Grand Canyon there on the bottom of the snow stix?

Well, it is time to get your skis tuned and ready to go for the early season snow.  What are your options on getting those boards ready up here in Winter Park, Colorado?

Lots of options here. There are lots of ski shops here in WP and almost everyone of them offers a ski tune of some sort.  My experience is with a couple of these shops and they are good.

My latest favorite is Epic Mountain Sports, who offer full service tunes with a base grinder that puts a factory structure back in the skis…makes them feel brand new again.

There is the option of doing your own tune on your skis or board for a mid season fix.  This way will be much cheaper, but won’t get the same results as a professional operation as you can’t do a base grind or get as exact an edge as a machine would.  Here is a video from Skiing Magazine on how tune your own skis.

Yes it is getting that time so get the boards out and take a look and get ready for the ski season with a little waxing and a file.

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