Top Five Ski Runs at Winter Park Mary Jane Resort

Top ski runs winter Park Mary JaneBest Ski Runs Winter Park, Colo

With all the snow we have been getting here in Winter Park I thought it would be a good time to do a best of or favorites list of runs here at Winter Park/Mary Jane.   There are lots of runs here in Winter Park so this was no easy  matter coming up with a short five.

Here is a resort trail map to follow along with if you care to.

Well then, here goes my top five ski runs at Winter Park/Mary Jane Resort:

1. Runaway/Trestle – there are a couple of ways to ski this and it all depends on the snow which is better.  If snow is thin take Runaway to the lower part of Trestle avoiding the rock face on upper Trestle.  If the snow is plentiful do all of Trestle and enjoy the jump turns on the rock face.

2. Upper Arrowhead Loop/Rainbow Cut – You get to ski right past Sterling Way and Golden Spike where it seems all the other skiers are heading.  Upper Arrowhead has some very steep bumps and usually great snow.  The run then opens up after the “hero bumps” (that’s how you feel after you ski them) into Rainbow Cut.  Nice and wide with good snow usually up against the trees.

3. Eagle Wind – Not a true run but all the runs off this lift kind of mingle together and there is always good snow and good tree skiing.  The run out at the bottom can be hell on the legs but it’s usually worth the the skiing you were able to enjoy.

4. Belle Fourche ( Bella Foosh) – Thick thick powder, kinda hard to get to and the same crappy run out as Eagle Wind, equals some of the best skiing in Colorado.

5. The Trees – To be specific ‘Topher’s Trees or Buckaroo Trees.  Not on the map and on opposite sides of the resort but some great fun tree skiing.  Ask a local and you may get a guided tour.

I left out Panoramic Express terrain because that is where all guests seem to be heading these days.  There is great skiing over there but anymore there are lots of people to go with them.  And it is chilly on top of Parsenn Bowl.

Think I’m way off or right on?  Leave a comment on what are your favorite runs at Winter Park/Mary Jane.

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  1. So were exactly are the runs your talking about vis a vis the trail map? Which lifts are they off of? I saw Trestle but where is Rainbow cut & Topher?

  2. Rainbow Cut is on the map and can be accessed from either Super Gauge Express or Challenger Lift. ‘Topher trees are a hidden gem that are best reached with a hike from the lower part of Roundhouse. I would recommend asking a local for some guidance over in ‘topher trees though. There was a inbounds avalanche death there last year. Not for the timid or novice.

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