The Perfect Ski Day at Winter Park (suggestions for the intermediate skier)

Several have asked us “if you had one day to ski Winter Park and you’re a good-intermediate skier, where would you go?”.  Here’s my answer – the perfect day at Winter Park and the Jane.

8:40am: First, park at the Vintage and ride the Cabriolet into the village. 

9:00am: Be the first on the lift so you get first tracks – Zephyr lift, that is.

At the top of Zephyr, ski straight and stay to left – some traversing but if you have speed you’ll be fine. Go to Jabberwocky.  Ski down Jabberwocky – first tracks or “courdory”- the intermediate’s favorite.   Two lifts at the bottom, take the right (bigger/newer) one which will take you to Mary Jane.

Ski straight off the lift and down a little trail that dumps you into Mary Jane Trail.  If early in the morning, it’s perfect. 

At the base of the Jane, get on Super Gauge (big 6 pack lift) to the top of Mary Jane.  Exit left/straight off that lift and ski down any blue/green to the bottom of Sunnyside and Panoramic Express. 

My dad, husband, Amy & Ed (and me) at the top of Butch's Breezeway
Me, my dad, my husband, Ed & Amy at the top of Butch's Breezeway

If no wind, go up Panoramic Express (new 6 pack lift to the top of the world).  Exit left and ski down staying to the left.  You can try the trees or stay left for great runs to the bottom of Panoramic/Sunnyside again.

Go back up Panoramic Express and this time, exit right.  Take in a deep breath and look around. Seen anything prettier in the past year or maybe your lifetime?  Cruise down along the edge (I like to hold my arms out & sing a tune) and over to Vasquez.  Pretty and easy (a bit of a flat part at the end).   Go up the only lift you can get to over there. 

11:30am (to beat crowd) Have lunch at Lunch Rock – burger outside with music blaring. Sit in lounge chairs and view the hill you just went down.  ahhhh….this is the life!!

Go back over to where the Super Gauge ends and go down Sleeper.  A tough blue but usually not too many people there.  At the base of Mary Jane, take the old lift (2 seater) up to the middle of Arrowhead.  One of my all time favorites – no one seems to know it’s there.  Great blue.  Do that over and over if no one is on it.

Go to Sunspot and have coffee & cookie (see previous post).  The Best!

Time to head home…go up Super Gauge and follow signs to Cranmer and Winter Park Base.  Left side of Cranmer is the best. And if you want to get a little more energy out, go up the left lift and then exit left.  Far left green has jumps. They look harder than they are, but you will probably scream like I did the first time you try them. 

Take Olympia back up to Sunspot, go down Cranmer again and head left 1/2 way down and follow signs to Larry Sale.   Get a beer at the Derailer or one of the bars in the new village and talk about the day. 

Go to sleep. But take your boots off first.

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