Perfect ski day at Winter Park/Mary Jane – Expert style!!

Below Sarah has posted a perfect ski day as an intermediate.  Here is my perfect day trying to push yourself hard enough to get some sore legs tomorrow and the right to quaff a few down tonight.  It all starts at the Zephyr lift at the Winter Park side of the hill because I’m a little spoiled and like the ski in/ski out set up.  This gets us to the top of WP up at Sunspot and the morning is taken up by:

  1. 1) Traverse to Cheshire Cat down to the Olympia lift and that lets us off at the top of Mary Jane Trail.  Warm up is over!
  2. Gandy Dancer down till you meet up with Mary Jane Trail all the way down to Super Guage express.
  3. 2) Super Guage up to top of Mary Jane. Take Whistle Stop around to Golden Spike and witness the bumps that Mary Jane is famous for.  This is my favorite run of all.
  4. 3. Once down take a right and get back onto Lower Arrowhead Loop and let your skis make the wide arcs they were designed to make.  We are back down at Super Guage.
  5. Super Guage lets us off and we take a left and head to the left of Sunnyside to the Trestle exit.  Enjoy the relatively mild bumps at the beginning because the Trestle cliff will take your breath away.   After you navigate a few more of Mary Jane’s finest, you traverse back to the base of Mary Jane.
  6. You may be getting hungry by now but we are here to make the legs burn so lets do another before lunch.  Super Guage up again and Rollins Ridge over to Derailer.  Now this run should be called “The Big Burn” ’cause that is what you are going to get unless you are partakin’ some of Michael Phelps wacky tabacky.  We are at Mary Jane base now and we need to get to Sunspot for the best views around while resting your legs and filling your belly.

Enjoy lunch because you are only half done!  Here is our after lunch set:

  1. From Sunspot lets hit Outhouse.  Another leg burner of a run that will bring us down to Super Gauge again.
  2. Take the Gauge up and head  over to Sunnyside again and lets show some lift riders our moves and take Columbine down to Panoramic Express.  Columbine is a little decieving.  Looks like an easy black diamond but a friend tore his rotator cuff and dislocated his arm on this mild baby!
  3. Up Panoramic to the top of Parsenn Bowl.  Make your way down the ridge to the top of Eagles Wind lift and pick your poison of double blacks over here.  Medicine Man, Little Raven, Black Coat and Left Hand will give all the tree/bump skiin’ that you desire and then some.  We take Eagles Wind back up to get out here and ski back over the ridge to Sunnyside lift.
  4. Let’s head down Whistle Stop again and wing around to Sterling.  This is Golden Spike’s evil twin that gets you longing for your 12 oz of liquid relief.  At bottom we take Arrowhead Loop all the way down to Jane Base.
  5. We need to get back over to Winter Park base so up Super Gauge again and down Whistle Stop to Cranmer.  On the right side of Cranmer we have some bumps to end off the day and finish driving that spike into your lower back.  We take a Cranmer Cutoff to Jack Kendrick.

Check out Winter Park Resort’s interactive lift map to set up your plan of attack.

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