2010 Five Best Restaurants in Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park Colorado Best Restaurants

Top five favorite restaurants in Winter Park, Colorado.  I guess you could say the Winter Park, Fraser, Tabenash area because they are not all in town proper of Winter Park, CO.  This list is of actual full service restaurants and does not include Winter Park breakfast restaurants or Winter Park walk up restaurants.  It also is focused on food even though a couple here are also my favorite Winter Park places to have a beer or cocktail.  The list is in no particular order and is definitely not exhaustive.

Winter Park Top Five Restaurants 2010

  1. Tabernash TavernRight on US Highway 40 in our home of Tabernash.  The Tavern describes themselves as: “A wine bar in beautiful lower downtown Tabernash, Colorado, serving Chef Alberto Sapien’s international culinary creations”.   As the description says it is a mix of very different styles of food and they haven’t missed every time I’ve been there.  The Tavern has opened an Italian eatery in the town of Winter Park under the name Alberto’s.
  2. Hernando’s Pizza Pub – Probably the most popular of all Winter Park Restaurants and one of the most consistent.  The pizza is very good and their salads are fantastic.  A great bar to watch the tourists and the locals alike with some great bartenders.  Be sure to arrive early or call before heading over because Hernando’s is usually very busy.
  3. The Sushi Bar – Yes, sushi up here at over 9,000 ft in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is pretty darn good.  The Sushi Bar is located at the end of WP on US 40.  The Sushi Bar has some great food and a very friendly waitstaff.  With $1.50 bottles of beer everyday you can’t go wrong with some WP style sushi a a cheap cold one to wash it down.
  4. Mirasol Cantina – Located on US 40 in the Conoco Shopping Center.  Mirasol is a taco bar with great tacos ( try their lamb tacos) and the best margaritas in Winter Park.  Chips and Salsa are fantastic and their salsa bar has some of the best salsas I have tasted.  They have a small bar of about five seats that is a fun place to spend an evening eating and drinking.  Mirasol is not open for lunch so make sure to join them for dinner.
  5. The Ranch House Restaurant at Devils Thumb Ranch – Located in Tabernash at Devils Thumb Ranch.  The room is spectacular and the food is just as good.   The Ranch House serves New American Mountain Cuisine  – which means real food, cooked with real ingredients. Organic and locally grown whenever we can. Always fresh, always delicious.  Probably the most expensive restaurant on this list but also maybe the best with the highest level of service.

Maybe I should have done a best ten of Winter Park because there are some I definitely left out.  The above list of five should most certainly include The Cheeky Monk, Fontenot’s and The Back Country Grill.

Our little town of Winter Park has some very good restaurants.  Check out Winter Park Lodging Company’s restaurant discounts to get some great grub and drinks for a little bit cheaper.

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  1. Mirasol Cantina! Yum! After a day of skiing or mountain biking, most food tastes good, but you cannot beat the tacos at Mirasol no matter what you’ve been doing! I was so impressed that even my East-coast food-snob parents loved it. The atmosphere is real and the margs are de-lish. I can’t wait to go back!

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