Devils Thumb Ranch Birthday Party

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Devils Thumb Ranch Pony Ride Birthday Party

Having twin 2 1/2 year olds we are starting to get our fair share of birthday party invitations.  Nicholas and Willem have now been to two birthday parties.  The first at Grand Park Rec Center in the gymnastics room was fantastic.  The second was a birthday party out at Devils Thumb Ranch and it was one cool party.  They definitely didn’t do birthdays like this when I was three.

The party started out at the stables at Devils Thumb Ranch and driving up the stables are just so impressive.  We walked up and there were two of the biggest horse that I have ever seen teamed up and ready to go in their bridles.  We were offered hot chocolate and cowboy hats for the kids.  Next thing you know we are heading out on sleds pulled by the massive horses.  We took a little trip to the grazing pastures and were able to let the kids get up and close with the horses.  After some petting and playing with the horses we made our way back for a lunch around a few campfires that ended with the kids roasting smores on skewers provided by Devils Thumb.  It was then time for the little ones to take a pony ride (Willem is above on the pony enjoying himself).  The party then ended with birthday cake in the stables.

What a great idea for a little ones birthday.  The kids were able to get up and close to some impressive animals and be outside and enjoy the morning.  It was also interesting for the parents and we were able to see another side of Devils Thumb Ranch.

Have a birthday coming up for a youngster?  Check out Devils Thumb Ranch for your party.

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