Children Skiing Winter Park Resort, Colorado

Learning to Ski Winter Park, CO

Here is out latest ski video here at Winter Park Resort, Colorado’s Favorite.  We are highlighting children and the youngsters learning to swoosh down the hill this segment.  The above video is staring WPLCo’s very own and my very own twins, Nicholas & Willem.  This is Nicholas & Willem’s second year skiing and they are now able to ski from the very top of Winter Park Resort to the very bottom with only a little help from mom and dad.

The Winter Park Ski School and ski teacher Rosie have done great work with these two little tykes this year.  The boys took a a series of four ski lessons with Rosie this January that totally turned around the skiing learning curve.  They wen’t from heading straight downhill with no interest in slowing, stopping or turning to being able ski freely downhill stopping on command and turning pretty much anywhere they would like to go.

If you have kids or have someone that is learning to ski, Winter Park Ski School is a great investment of your time and money.  A couple of days with group or private lessons will turn your skiing/boarding skills around and get you enjoying being on the slopes.  As we learned with our twins trying to teach your kids yourself usually is not a good idea time-wise or for family unity.  Going skiing with kids let a professional teach them and parents can have a peace of mind that they are being taken care of and being taught the proper way to ski and board.

Check out Nicholas and Willem skiing Winter Park at 2 years of age and look how far the little boogers have progressed.

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