Wild About Flowers

We had a late start to our summer here in Winter Park, and May was particularly rainy at 3.74 inches (average May rainfall is 2.15 inches). Excess rain presents a dilemma in the early days of the season. On one hand, you have to be conscious of such things as lightning, and you must schedule your hikes with safety (and… Read More “Wild About Flowers”

Stuck In A Rut

The Mighty Elk Rut The Winter Park & Fraser Valley (and nearby Rocky Mountain National Park) is a hot spot for migrating elk during their annual rut, and a fabulous place to witness the natural world up close & personal. elk bugleThe elk (wapiti) is one of the largest species of the deer family, and one of the largest land mammals… Read More “Stuck In A Rut”

Grand Adventures in Winter Park has new snowmobiles!

Grand Adventures, our local go-to for snowmobiling in Winter Park, has purchased brand new fleets of snowmobiles for the winter season! The new snowmobiles are 2 seater Yamaha Venture Lites (for guided tours) and 1 seater Yamaha Phazers (for unguided tours). Here are the specs, with translation for those of you who aren’t professionals: Phazers Fourstroke: Quieter, more efficient, and larger… Read More “Grand Adventures in Winter Park has new snowmobiles!”

Fall Foliage Starting to Shine | Head to Winter Park for the Aspen

aspenJust drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park last weekend, and had a great surprise. The Aspen are beginning to turn colors. There’s nothing as brilliant as an Aspen grove in full glowing gold. The drive up 40 through Empire affords leaf peepers great views of Aspen intermingled with the evergreen. Continuing on to the Park you will see some… Read More “Fall Foliage Starting to Shine | Head to Winter Park for the Aspen”