Breakfast in the Winter Park Village

Goodys in the Winter Park Village

I headed out the other morning to give Goodys breakfast crepes a try and to hit the Winter Park slopes for some early morning turns.  Well, it was a great day all around.

I had a breakfast crepe with ham and cheese while I sat at Goodys counter.  There was some skiing videos to get me psyched up to ski  and there was a good stream of customers coming through the doors.  The service was quick, efficient and friendly.  The man working the counter, Gill was his name, was chatty and pleasant with a great attitude.  The crepe, as I said, was very tasty and the price of around $7.00 for the crepe and a medium OJ was more than reasonable.  I have to say for a quick tasty bite before you hit the slopes, Goody’s can’t be beat.  I will have to make a return to try a desert crepe.

The rest of the day was spent on the Winter Park/Mary Jane hills and even a bad day skiing is a pretty darn good day.

The Back bowl Soup Company Breakfast

Last week I also had a chance to try the Back Bowl Soup Company’s breakfast burrito.  The burrito was very tasyt and I would recommend the one with bacon – filling and quick to get you on your way to hit the slopes.  The burrito was good and service from Jodi and Woody, the owners, is always very friendly.

The Back Bowl Soup Company offers an all you can eat end of day bowl of soup so be sure to stop in around 4:30 or so to fill up on some soup.  Here is a sample of the soups they had this past Tuesday:

Beef Stew
Artichoke Pesto
Thai Chicken
Green Chili
White Mountain Chicken Chili
Cheesy Brats

Come up to the Winter Park Village to get your treats and eats before you hit the slopes!

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