Bluebird Day Winter Park, CO

bluebird day at Winter Park Resort COBluebird Day at Winter Park Resort

What is a bluebird day you may ask.  Well, I was wondering that also when we saw the bluebird on the left perched on a building at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.

My definition of a bluebird day is a nice spring like day with blue, blue skies, no wind and a bunch of snow on the ground.  It would be an especially bluebird day if all the above conditions were present and you were skiing.

I Googled for a definition of bluebird day and this is what I got:

Bluebird day: The most gorgeous day imaginable. A bluebird day is a bright, sunny day after a fresh snowfall the night before, a phrase common to the skiing and snowboarding community but common in many outdoor sport lingo. To duck hunters it is a still, calm day, giving difficult conditions in which to hunt ducks.

So we are having some pretty good bluebird days here in Winter Park.  Now till the end of ski season, April 18th, 2010, is when we get those big spring snowstorms followed by a day of pleasant warm sunshine…. a bluebird day.

Last ski season we had the best bluebird day imagineable on the last day of the ski season.  Almost two feet of the fluffy fresh powder followed by a dreamlike bluebird day at Winter Park Spring Splash.

So don’t miss your chance at a spectacular bluebird day and head over to Winter Park Resort and lets celebreate spring with a day on the deck with a beer and a bluebird.

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