10 Reasons You Should Choose A Vacation Rental

Working with a vacation rental company is quickly becoming the preferred choice for  savvy travelers looking for a lot more bang for their buck than a traditional hotel stay.

Still not convinced?  Here’s our top ten list of why renting a vacation home is better than renting a room in a hotel.

Silverado 302B#1    Value for money

When you compare space and value for money, vacation rentals are always going to come out on top.  A vacation rental is a home, not just a room, and you will generally always enjoy far more square footage, a kitchen and large living area.  With space, comes the ability to work with sleeping arrangements and occupancy, unlike hotels who limit beds and occupancy to increase revenue.


amenities#2    Amenities of home

When you visit a vacation rental, you enjoy all the benefits of a home and some.  Here at Winter Park Lodging Company, we work with our owners to ensure that all of our properties offer an attractive decor, modern appliances and a stocked kitchen full of everything you would need to whip up a gourmet meal.   If you have kids, you won’t just enjoy having a full kitchen to prepare meals in, but also (in most cases) a private washer/dryer, high chair & pack ‘n’ play, and lots more space to let the kids explore.   And lets not forget that having your own private garage and ski storage in a ski town, is one hot commodity when the snow is falling thick and fast.

Don't forget to call#3    Your voice matters

Many hotels pride themselves on their customer service standards, but their parameters as to how much they can help you is limited.  Let say for example, you fill out a review at the end of your stay suggesting that a larger tea kettle would have been a great asset to the room.  Chances are, if you return to that same hotel a year later, you will no doubt find the same small tea kettle in residence.  When you work with a company like Winter Park Lodging Company, we have direct access to each owner of our individual properties, and can therefore discuss your suggestion directly with the owner, and very often make a positive upgrade based on our guests’ reviews.

Bridger's Cache winter park

#4  Multiple location choices

Do you want to be in the middle of the action in Downtown Winter Park, secluded in the woods in a mountain chalet, or a stone’s throw from the first chair lift to run in the morning?  With over 150 properties on offer, Winter Park Lodging Company can work with you to find the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, in the perfect area of Winter Park.



winter park vacation rental houses#5  A home with a personality

A mountain home is a treasured investment for most of our owners, and they spend a great deal of time and expense making it their special place.  As a guest, you get to enjoy all the cute details and personal touches that these owners have added over the years, at no additional cost.   Expect a good selection of dvds, books, games etc to entertain you, as well as occasional bonus items such as bicycles, sleds and snowshoes.


family ski vacations# 6   Multiple sleeping options

A mountain vacation is a great chance for multiple families to get together and have a great time in a beautiful location.  With many properties in their care, good vacation rental companies can cater to a range of sleeping arrangements and requirements.  For example, if you have lots of kids in tow, check out stand alone home and townhomes with second living rooms/dens and fun bunk rooms on offer.  The kids will love having their own area of the house to call their own, and the adults will be able to enjoy a little quiet time for grown-up talk.


family vacation houses#7   More space to spread out and relax

This was briefly mentioned above under value for money, but so important it deserves a spot all of its own.  On average, a vacation home gives you anywhere from 600 square feet, to 4500 square feet, in which to stretch out and unwind.   By comparison, hotel rooms offer approximately 325 square feet of ‘space’.  Furthermore, many guests of vacation homes do not only enjoy additional indoor space, but can also often have access to a private yard, amenity deck, or club house.


welcome to loft 101

#8  No lengthy check in/check out procedures

We pride ourselves at Winter Park Lodging Company on making the check in experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Our guests go directly to their property and access their keys via mail box, or a special keyless entry code; no standing in line or filling out of paperwork, just a cozy home from home awaiting your arrival.



Relax on vacation

#9  You make your own agenda

When you stay in a vacation home, the kitchen doesn’t close at a certain time, housekeeping doesn’t knock on your door in the morning and (for the most part) you can use the hot tub whenever you like.





#10   More Accommodating for families

Taking a family on vacation can have its challenges  when you have limited restaurant hours to adhere to, and paper thin walls to your neighbors on all sides.    When you stay in a vacation home you can choose to lie in while the kids set up camp in the living room with a movie, cook up a storm whenever you feel like it, and in some cases, even bring fido along to play in the mountains.


Check out Winter Park Lodging Company today to find out even more ways you can experience your next Winter Park getaway in one of our fabulous homes.

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