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University of Colorado Best College for Skiing

I was checking out what Skiing Magazine had to say about the upcoming ski season and I came across their article Ski School.

The article gives 2010 Skiing Magazines top 12 colleges to attend  to be able to ski and that have a good ski culture.  And obviously the 12 schools have great access to some very good skiing.  There are some East Coast schools in here that I didn’t think would be good ski schools and some Northwest schools I have never heard of .  But best of all Skiing Magazine has the one and only University of Colorado.  This is what Skiing had to say about the home of the skiing Buffs:

The University of Colorado

CU Boulder counts 33 Olympic skiers that have participated in the Olympics over 50 times among its alumni. A prime spot for training, Boulder is nearly a mile high, and gets an average of 255 sunny days every year. Competitive skiers here have a social life too; the program sponsors “a ski ball” each year, which also serves as a highly successful fundraiser for their program. Colorado is home to 26 ski resorts, and the university is about two hours from eight of them.

Yes, Winter Park Resort is one of the eight resorts that is within 2 hours of Boulder and it is the second closest behind Eldora Mountain.

I am surprised that the University of Denver was not on this list as the DU Pioneers have pretty much dominated college level skiing the last ten years.

The University of Denver’s 19 team championships in skiing are the most in NCAA history, ahead of Colorado’s 16 and Utah’s 10. The 2008 title also marked the Pioneers’ fifth championship since 2000. DU also won in 2000, ’01, ’02 and ’05.

So what is the No.1 ski school? Well it has to be the University of Colorado. OK OK I’m biased I’m an alum.

Now what college will Nicholas & Willem (the Twins) be attending? I’m pushing for CU or DU and both schools ski teams train right here in Winter Park, CO. Their mother keeps on talking up her alma matter, Wake Forest, but the only way they can ski down there is if God turns tobacco white. Anywho, they are only 3 so lots of time to figure out college still.

Go Buffs!

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