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Best bar in Winter Park CO

Winter Park Resort Area Best Bars

Beers and skiing go hand in hand like ski condos and hot tubs.  We have finished, finally, the best burgers review for Winter Park, CO and since ski season is just about here we thought we would do what are the best bars here in Winter Park and the surrounding Fraser Valley.

There as many kinds of bars as there are beers and there is a place for each and every one of them.  Local pub, restaurant bar, shot bar at the ski slope, sports bar, bar at the pizza place, the night club bar …. lotsa bars and we have them all here in WP.

What is your favorite and why is the question?  Is it the selection of beers on tap, great location and view, the hotty slinging the swill, the bartender hooks you up with with free suds, great people watching (both sexes), what gets you to head out and plop your dollars on that bar?

I did a best place to get a beer in Winter Park a couple of years ago and all those places are still around but they are places to get a beer not necessarily bars (splitting hairs maybe?).  So we are doing this top five bars for the start of this ski season.  Remember we have some new places here in WP so lets not leave them out of the competition.  Emilie’s wine bar, The Library Sports and Grill are two of the newbies that should be in consideration.  We also have an older list of best patio to get a beer in Winter Park, CO. Lets not leave these, mostly, Winter Park Resort watering holes out of the equation either.

So here is how this works, I will post this blog on the Winter Park Facebook page and you all can recommend away either on the FB page or in the comments below this blog.  I will take the top five and give those top five the old college try.

So here goes: What are the best bars in Winter Park, CO?

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