Summer 2015: Live Music In Winter Park

Something we really love about Winter Park is the seemingly limitless access to live music, and a lot of it’s free to attend. We can’t wait for the Solshine Festival, The Winter Park Music Festival, and all kinds of other acts peppered throughout the rest of summer. Here are a few acts that we’re definitely looking forward to seeing live. 

Leftover Salmon, August 1 Solshine Music Festival, at Hideaway Park. Admission: FREE


Cowboy Dave, August 6 for High Note Thursdays at Hideaway Park. Admission: FREE


Trout Steak Revival, August 8 at Winter Park Beer Festival, brought to you by Always Mountain Time. Admission: $30 advance GA


38 Special, August 15 at Winter Park Music Festival. Admission: FREE


Lou Gramm, August 15 at Winter Park Music Festival. Admission: FREE

Bring your lawn chairs and come on up,  hope to see you soon! If you are planning a summer concert vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park . 

Leave Us Alone! Wildlife Safety Tips

Tempting though it may be to chase after animals for that fantastic Instagram photo, the wildlife in Grand County can pose a serious risk to hikers and bikers. When provoked, an animal attack can be deadly, both to you and the animal, so if you’re lucky enough to spot one, please observe from a distance!


Here are a few tips for hikers who want to avoid hostile animal encounters in the wild.

  1. Stick to the trail. This will not only keep you from getting lost, it also preserves the natural ecosystem and prevents you from waltzing into an animal’s territory.
  2. Let them know you’re coming. Now is not the time for stealth-hiking. Converse with your hiking buddies and make a little noise. That doesn’t mean you have to shout! Lots of animals have acute hearing, and your ordinary hiking sounds will prevent you from accidentally sneaking up on a mama bear.
  3. DO NOT THROW FOOD. You see signs everywhere saying “pack in/pack out” and that means don’t feed the wildlife. This trains animals to become dependent on human litter, which we definitely don’t want. Yes, that includes your apple core. We know, it’s natural, but we don’t care. Don’t be that guy!

So, what to do if you accidentally cross paths with a potentially dangerous animal? If avoidance doesn’t work, your next steps can save your life.

Moose: These guys can be unpredictable, and are perhaps the most dangerous of encounters you may have. They’re enormous, and faster than you. If you see a moose, wait patiently for it to move along, or slowly retreat the other way. If the moose appears agitated (ears back, lips smacking) it’s time to retreat. Get between two trees and wait for the moose to leave. If he charges, RUN. DO NOT STAND YOUR GROUND. More information on moose encounters here.

Bears: You may notice that locals differ in opinion on what to do if you encounter a bear. Most encounters with our county’s black bears will be peaceful and non-aggressive. Still, it’s best to avoid contact to prevent an attack. If you see them from afar, make some noise to alert them to your presence so they can retreat. Respect  its space, and always give the bear an escape route. If the route isn’t clear, as a last resort you can try to “move” the bear by “getting big,” that is, lifting your jacket over your head and demanding that the bear “GET OUT OF HERE.”  If the bear is acting aggressively (say, a mama bear defending her cubs), listen to her message. You’re too close and she wants you to leave, so the polite thing to do is comply. More information on bear encounters here.

Lions: If you see a mountain lion, she has already seen you (so they say). Take this encounter very seriously. It’s time to create some distance, backing away while facing the lion. “Get big” with your jacket, and speak slowly, firmly and loudly to let this predator know that you’re a big guy too. If the lion lunges, fight back by any means possible. Protect your neck and throat, and use whatever tools you have on hand to fend off the lion. More information on lion encounters here.

Now, hopefully we haven’t scared you! Animal encounters are rare, but it’s best to be prepared just in case. Sometimes on a quiet evening, you get the chance to see a fox or an elk walk through your back yard, and there’s truly nothing better than watching them from a distance. 


We hope to see you soon! If you are planning a summer hiking vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park . 

High Country 101: Your Safety Over 9000 Feet

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than one of your group becoming afflicted with a very preventable ailment, especially when it happens right at the beginning of the trip! The rules are a little different above 9,000 feet, so we’ve compiled a list to help you make the most of your mountain getaway.


  1. First things First: Before you venture up the mountain pass, do your body a favor and educate yourself on altitude sickness, an annoying and potentially serious ailment that can put a serious damper on your stay. As you ascend to higher altitudes, the air is thinner and less oxygen is available. You may find yourself short of breath, nauseated, or unusually fatigued.

To avoid altitude sickness, High Country Healthcare recommends the following:

  • Increase fluid intake
  • Decrease salt intake
  • Moderate your physical activity
  • Eat high-carbohydrate, low-fat meals
  • Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake

If you notice a wet cough, or that any of your symptoms (headache, nausea) are not getting better, seek medical attention immediately. More information from the CDC.


  1. Take The Sun Seriously: Sunscreen and Sunglasses. Winter, summer, clouds or clear skies, protect your skin and eyes from damaging injury. You are at an increased risk of sunburn and injury when at high altitude. UV rays are more intense up here than they are at sea level, so make sure to protect yourself. Wear a hat that shades your face, ears and neck, and consider sun-protectant clothing.

Word of the day: Reapply! Make sure to consistently reapply sunscreen while you’re outside.  More information on sun care from the CDC.


  1. Be Smart About Storms: While beautiful, mountain storms can be deadly, and it’s a myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice. From 2005-2014, Colorado had the third-most lightning strike fatalities of any state. Lightning is no joke, and we are right in the middle of the height of lightning season. More than 70% of all fatal lightning strikes occur between June and August.


Before you hike, check the forecast and locations of shelters. If you can’t complete a hike before the storm, reschedule for another day.

If you’re already on the mountain and you notice a storm rolling in, do not wait until it’s raining to find shelter. Lightning can be present without rain! Find shelter, avoid open areas, and do not place yourself under the tallest object. If you’re in a group, spread out and run back to shelter or your vehicle. For more lightning safety tips, check out the National Weather Service Lightning Safety Page.


Thanks for reading! With a little knowledge and preparation, we know you’ll love your Winter Park trip. See you soon! If you are planning a summer hiking vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park . 

Wild About Flowers

We had a late start to our summer here in Winter Park, and May was particularly rainy at 3.74 inches (average May rainfall is 2.15 inches). Excess rain presents a dilemma in the early days of the season. On one hand, you have to be conscious of such things as lightning, and you must schedule your hikes with safety (and proper gear) in mind.

On the other hand, an abundance of rain has one the most beautiful results imaginable: a stunning array of wildflowers decorating the mountain landscape.


When we think of wildlife, it’s easy to gravitate toward animals. We stop sometimes to snap a photo of a moose or a fox, but in wildflowers we find a more subtle beauty, a quiet artistry that surrounds us, and doesn’t run away when we stop to take a picture.

We’ve been celebrating this year’s abundance with pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and this week we finally decided to take a hike with the sole purpose of photographing some flowers. These can be spotted all over the valley, though this particular set of photographs was taken at the top of Rollins Pass (if you decide to go there, make sure you have a four-wheel drive vehicle!).

Can you guess the names of each of these flowers? Answers below!

(Special thanks to Wildflowers of Colorado for helping us research each flower)

  1. Moss Campion Plants (Silene acaulis)
  2. Leafy Cinquefoil (drymocallis fissa)
  3. Alpine Kittentail Flowers (besseya alpine)
  4. Alpine Daisy Flowers (aster alpinus)
  5. Alpine Mertensia Flowers (mertensia alpine)
  6. Bistort Flowers (polygonum bistortoides)

There are some truly fantastic hikes out there, and we absolutely encourage you to go out and snap some of your own photos. That said, remember to teach children not to pick them and to keep pets from trampling them! It’s important to stay on the trail to maintain the delicate ecosystem balance, and to keep our wildflowers coming back every year.


If you are planning a summer hiking vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park.

Mountain Biking Beginner Tips From Winter Park, CO

Mountain Biking Winter Park

Are you ready to fall in love?

Mountain Biking Basics Part 2:
Building Your Skills

Mountain biking can seem pretty intimidating to the uninitiated, but if you take your time and build your skills, you might just find yourself falling in love with this rapidly growing sport.

This article shares some helpful tips that I found valuable when I was learning to mountain bike, and should help you get on the fast track to exploring the many trails in and around Winter Park, Mountain Bike Capital USA.

  1. Rent a good bike.
    Having the right type of mountain bike can drastically improve your confidence on the trail.  Good bike rental stores will offer a range of mountain bikes and will help you choose the right bike, adjust the suspension to your body weight, and fit the bike for your height.   Epic Mountain Sports in Winter Park, rents front and full suspensions bikes from $32 – $40 for a full day (save an additional 20% as a guest of Winter Park Lodging Company).
  2. best bike trails in colorado

    Share the experience with your best friend

    Start mellow.
    If it has been a while since you last rode a bicycle, you’ll need to give your body a little time to remember how to balance and maneuver.   Spend some time riding on a flat, easy trail to get a feel for the bike.  Practice some starting and stopping, shift your gears up and down, and weave left and right to practice turning.

  3. Look ahead
    It sounds obvious but many beginner mountain bikers will often look at the ground right in front of their front wheel, or worse yet, get fixated on the object that they are trying to avoid (like a tree or rock) instead of the path they want to take.   Just like in skiing, our bodies will tend to follow our line of vision, so focus your eyes on the trail about 15-20 feet ahead of your front wheel to navigate a clean path through obstacles.
  4. Gear Down & Lean Forward On Uphills
    When approaching an uphill climb, shift to a lower gear before you get to the hill so that your legs are spinning nicely when you start your ascent.  Stay seated, lean forward and pedal, pedal, pedal up the hill –  you’ll be amazed at what you can climb if you just keep pedaling.
  5. Shift Weight Back On Downhills
    When riding downhill, you want to stand up off your seat and shift your weight backwards, so that you are slightly behind the saddle and less likely to get pitched forward on steep terrain.  Keep control of your speed by feathering your breaks (break, release, break, release) and try to stay relaxed, keeping your wrists and elbows soft to help absorb any bumps.     Many riders like to lower their saddle when riding a downhill trail.
  6. Break Before Corners
    Mountain bike trails tend to be quite winding with lots of twists and turns.  If you are going down a twisty trail, try to break before you enter the corner then gently release during the turn

    Colorado mountian biking for families and kids

    Winter Park has trails for all ability levels

    to check your speed and avoid skidding.   As you gain confidence and balance, you’ll naturally start to lean into the turn with the bike which will help you flow through the turn.

  7. One Finger Only
    If your breaks and handlebars are set up to allow you to do so, try using just your index fingers to apply the breaks.  Using just one finger allows you to keep the rest of your mitts on the handlebars, giving you greater control and grip when riding uneven terrain or obstacles.
  8. Know Before You Go
    Ask a local mountain bike shop for advice on which trails are suitable for beginner mountain bikers and get a trail map before you head out on the trail.  Trails will often splinter into many other trails, so check your map at trail junctions if you are unsure.  While smart phone Apps are definitely useful tools for planning your day, be aware that cell phone service can be often diminished in ‘the backwoods’, so always have a paper trail map as back up in your pack.
  9. Pack For Success
    Wear a backpack with plenty of water, snacks and supplies with you so that you are prepared for every eventuality.
     Click here to see our article on what to bring with you on the trail.
  10. Have fun!
    Take plenty of breaks to take in the views, celebrate your accomplishments and share the adventure with like-minded friends.

Tune in next month for our last installment of  Mountain Biking Basics: Best Beginner/Intermediate Trails In Winter Park

If you are planning a summer mountain biking vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park, Mountain Bike Capital USA.

Restaurant of the Month: Opa! Charlie’s Gyros In Winter Park

interiorcharliesWinter Park’s newest gyro spot, Opa! Charlie’s Gyros, is just the atmosphere and taste to leave any party satisfied. With ample indoor seating and an outdoor patio, this space can seat large groups and is family-friendly.


The new restaurant, owned by Charlie Alley and Fernan DeLeon (of Winter Park Sushi Bar and Pepe Osaka fame), has an airy and open feel and features a menu with Greek
and Mediterranean fusion. Opa! Charlie’s Gyros is open from 11AM-3PM for lunch,
with dinner hours starting tonight!

Guests can seat themselves and enjoy the abstract art and blue-and-white details
reminiscent of Greece itself. Large windows and a friendly staff make the restaurant a
bright and comfortable hangout, whether you’d like to sit at one of the three bars or
grab a table, all of which feature fresh flowers. The delicious food speaks for itself
(we tried the traditional gyro with sweet potato fries, SO good!).

We asked owner Charlie Alley for a recipe from their menu, and he was generous enough to share with us their signature watermelon salad, a perfect summer treat for
you to recreate when you’ve returned home from your vacation.

Opa! Charlie’s Watermelon Salad: 


  • Cubed Watermelon
  • Feta Crumbles
  • Sliced Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Fresh Squeezed Lemon Spritz

Simply combine the ingredients to taste, garnish with fresh
mint leaves and enjoy!



Planning your next summer trip to Colorado? click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park, and a grab a delicious gyro while you’re here!

Neighborhood Spotlight: Rendezvous

When you visit Winter Park, one of the best ways to enjoy our beautiful area is to stay near the trails. With that, you still want the convenience of modern amenities and access to shopping and night life.

Rendezvous is one of Winter Park’s most exclusive addresses, which boasts trail-side forest living and lots of activities year-round.  This hidden gem of a neighborhood is only a short drive to restaurants and Winter Park Resort, with shuttle service available in the winter.


Expertly-decorated mountain homes.

Rendezvous Winter Park offers large, open spaces with plenty of room to accommodate large families. Each home is its own unique take on mountain living with beautiful stone and handcrafted wood accents.

Private balconies and garages throughout the neighborhood, and several homes include private hot tubs and large porches, perfect for a night of relaxed stargazing.

All of the three-and-four-bedroom homes in Winter Park’s Rendezvous can sleep eight or more people and are beautifully decorated with lots of comfortable seating, and lots of windows and outdoor seating to enjoy the stunning mountain and forest views.

Guests can stay in these properties year round, and the prime location makes these homes fantastic places for summer or winter activities.

These are spacious and comfortable getaways- you and your family will want to make these homes part of your vacation traditions!


Outdoor seating and hot tub

On the hillside between Fraser and Winter Park, Rendezvous is a perfect choice for active families who want to explore Rocky Mountain National forest, and Grand County’s amazing trail systems.

Just steps away from the Fraser River Trail, runners, bikers and cross-country skiers can enjoy quick access to a beautiful trail alongside the river and Colorado wildlife.

The views are incredible from this area, and miles of trails run throughout the neighborhood.Visitors can also enjoy Mary’s Pond, a beautiful retreat named for Mary Cozens, the wife of Winter Park’s Rendezvous developer Billy Cozens.


Families staying at Rendezvous near Winter Park can enjoy the finest in mountain living, with spacious homes designed for relaxation and comfort, but also quick access to outdoor activities.


Picnic area with playground on the Fraser River Trail


Picnic and play at the playground at the Fraser River trail head, with beautiful mountain views for your family vacation memories.


Click here to find available vacation rentals in the Winter Park Rendezvous neighborhood, and to learn more about the unique feel of each
home with photos, layout and descriptions!


Namaste From Nepal to Winter Park

Each morning at 7:30, Tashi and Lhakpa arrive at Mountain Rose Café and setup their jewelry stand. Their smiles are radiant, at once calm and enthusiastic.

A peaceful reminder of Buddhist and Sherpa culture, each visit to Tashi and Lhakpa’s stand leaves guests more at ease, and more beautifully accessorized, than when they arrived.

Beads and gems gleam in the sun as visitors stop by to peruse. A young girl shyly touches a beaded necklace. Her other hand pulls her dad to the table.


Natural stone jewelry set in silver.

“Namaste! How are you?” rings the friendly greeting of the Sherpas. The girl’s father reciprocates the bow, then turns to his daughter and the necklace,
“This is all the way from Nepal. Have you heard of Mount Everest?”

The journey to Winter Park from the Khumbu region
of Nepal is not for the faint of heart. The Lukla airport, nearest to the Sherpa’s Ama Dablam Lodge,
has been called the most dangerous in the world.
“I’m scared, so what?” Tashi says, “It’s what we do.”

Every summer, Tashi and Lhakpa leave their lodge and travel nearly 8,000 miles to spend the summer biking their wares between their stands. They have been coming
here together since 1999 (Lhakpa since 1998).

In the morning, you can find them at Mountain Rose Café, and in the afternoons they set up at Epic Mountain Sports, both on Main Street in Winter Park.

They attend every festival and every farmer’s market, featuring jewelry, clothing and accessories reminiscent of their home’s beauty. The pair have become a staple in Winter Park’s culture, and nearly every local you encounter has one of their unique pieces of jewelry.

Every piece is beautiful and special, a small homage to a faraway place, treasures made more valuable after last spring’s devastating earthquake.

“We lost some friends,” Lhakpa says. It’s evening, and he and Tashi are carefully selecting yogurt at Safeway in Fraser. A stillness washes over them. “We will need to do a lot of repairs.”  The couple take a moment and look at one another before moving their cart down the aisle.


You can find Lhakpa & Tashi’s handmade jewelry stand daily at Mountain Rose Cafe until 2pm, and at Epic Mountain Sports from 2pm on.

A few days later, Tashi and Lhakpa are packing up at Mountain Rose to set up at Epic Mountain Sports.  It’s windy and cool outside, and the pair are all smiles. When asked how long they work each day, they both beam.

“If the weather is good, we work until 8PM,” Lhakpa says.
“We work hard,” Tashi says, “It’s a lot to get here.”
“We are very lucky,” Lhakpa says.

Both Sherpas continue packing a bag of silver bracelets. The sun breaks through the clouds, and the prayer flags whip in the breeze.


If you would like to find out more about Lhakpa & Tashi, contact


Click here for information on one of our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park.

Mountain Biking Tips From Winter Park, Colorado

mountain bike vacationsWinter Park (Mountain Bike Capital USA) is recognized as one of the top destinations for mountain biking in Colorado, with more than 600 miles of bike trails and two major downhill bike parks.

If you haven’t tried mountain biking before, Winter Park is the perfect place to give it a go.

There’s a great selection of novice and family friendly trail options, and although it may seem a little intimidating at first, a day or two of cruising through flower filled meadows, playing peek-a-boo with deer and moose in the woods, and taking in breathtaking views from the top of a climb and we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked for life.

To help you on the journey, we’ve put together a series of blogs that will answer many of the questions commonly asked by beginner mountain bikers.  We’ll cover the basics of gear (what to bring/wear), beginner riding skills and our top trail recommendations for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers in Winter Park, Colorado.

Mountain Biking Basics Part 1: Gear Up

Like most sports, having the right equipment will help you feel confident and comfortable.  If you’re just starting out, renting a full-suspension mountain bike won’t break the bank and will give you some extra confidence while you’re learning to tackle the trails.   Guests of Winter Park Lodging Company receive a 20% discount on bike rentals at our local partner store ‘Epic Mountain Sports’ - click here for details.

For all other beginner mountain bike items, we recommend investing in the following gear.

mountain bike view winterpark

Chainsaw, Zoom & Flume trails are great trails for building your skills

Helmet – a good entry level bike helmet will set you back about $50 and is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you’ll every buy – most mountain bikers that have taken a tumble or two would heartily agree.   For cross-country mountain biking in Winter Park, I like helmets with plenty of ventilation (hot head!) and a peaked visor to help on all those sunny riding days.

If you are a first time biker and renting your gear, most bike rental stores will also rent helmets – take a little time to pick one out that fits you well.

Gloves – Mountain biking can be a very aerobic sport, so your paws can get a little sweaty at times!  Buying a pair of light mountain bike gloves will help you keep a good grip on the handle bars when things get technical.

Sunglasses – A snug fitting pair of sunglasses will stop your eyes from watering while you zoom down the trails and protect them from dust, bugs, tree branches and other items that don’t belong in your orbitals.

Shoes – Your choice of bike shoes will depend largely on our pedal choice – flat or clipless.   Flat pedals are a simple platform pedal that can be ridden with normal tennis shoes and does not physically connect your foot to the bike.  Many intermediate/advanced cross-country mountain bikers progress to using special clipless pedals that require bike shoes with cleats.  This type of pedal & shoe combo provides the rider with more control of their pedal strokes, but does take a little bit of getting used to.  If you are trying out clipless pedals for the first time, set them to a loose release setting and practice getting in and out of them in a flat, safe area before you hit the trails.

Shorts & Shirt - There are endless choices for mountain bike clothing on the market today, from superlight Lycra wear, to padded protective wear.  Whatever style you choose to wear, wicking and quick dry materials will provide you with the most comfortable ride on the trail.

What’s In Your Pack?

It’s advisable to always take a back pack mountain biking, to carry along some essential items that could potentially make or break your day.  CamelBak hydration systems are a great way to combine your water needs (with a removable bladder) and carrying needs in one package, but if you don’t already have one, any waist/chest fastening back pack will do.

what to take mountain biking

Image courtesy of

Water – Hydration is key in high elevations such as Winter Park, and you will want to carry lots of water with you on your mountain bike ride.  If you want to flavor up your H2O, add some electrolyte powders to your bottle for maximum effect.

Snacks – A little energy boost is never a bad thing on the trail.  To cut down on bulk, I’m a fan of Shot Blocks, granola bars and Gu.

Rain coat –  The weather in the mountains can change incredibly quickly.  Be prepared for all conditions by bringing extra layers and a waterproof with you.

Spare inner tube – If you get a flat, the quickest way to get back on the trail is to have a spare inner tube with you, so that you can quickly switch it out for the damaged one.

Patch kit  – This would be Plan C in the event that your spare inner tube also gets a flat!

Bicycle Pump

Bike Tool – You’ll need this to change a tire, adjust seats, and tighten up any loose bolts on your bike.  They are readily available from all good bike shops and retail from $15 – $70.

First Aid Kit – It’s always worth having the essentials with you in any outdoor activity, mountain bike riding is definitely not an exception.  I try to always carry a sam splint, assorted bandages, iodine/antiseptic wipes, butterfly bandages, and an assortment gauze pads and band aids whenever I’m hitting the trails.

Trail Map – Mountain bike trails have a tendency to offer a spider’s web of options that can quickly leave you further from home than you had intended.  Always know where you are and be aware of alternative routes home in case you get caught in some weather or a thunder storm.

Chain Lube – Perhaps not a necessity, but having a well lubed chain can really help to keep those wheels spinning nicely.

So now that you’ve got all your gear in order, it’s time to start working on those biking skills.  Tune in next week for Mountain Biking Basics Part 2: Beginner Rider Skills.

If you are planning a summer mountain biking vacation in Colorado, click here take a peek at our 140+ modern vacation rentals in Winter Park, Mountain Bike Capital USA.

Winter Park Resort Summer Opens For Summer 2015

Winter Park Summer VacationsWinter Park Resort base area opens for the summer season for Saturday, June 6th & Sunday June 7th, then daily from June 13th, 2015.   Trestle Bike Park & base area mini-golf also opens on June 13th, 2015.   Daily operating hours for Trestle Bike Park are 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and 10:00 am to 5:30 pm for base area activities. 

Winter Park Resort is fast becoming a top summer destination in the active vacation market, gaining national recognition as a must-do in downhill mountain biking communities, and building a stellar reputation as a terrific family destination with the development of base area activities and events throughout the summer months.

So, what’s in store this summer at Winter Park Resort?  The season will get of to a sweet start with the annual Winter Park Chocolate Festival, held in the Village on June 13th, from 10 am – 4 pm.   Stroll through booths of chocolatey decadence, and purchase a taste ticket to sample the wares.    

The Village Uncorked wine, art & cheese festival takes place on July 4th from 12 pm – 4 pm.  This popular event offers will be featuring workshop tents where special presenters will perform demonstrations, cheese workshops and a wine and cheese pairing course.  Regional wines and cheeses will be on sale, in addition to arts, crafts and photography works.

WP Chocolate FestivalColorado Freeride Festival is the big ticket item in this summer’s mountain bike events.  With more than $40,000 in prize money on offer, this four day event is the largest freeride festival in the US and attracts the pro mountain bike athletes from around the world.  In addition to the pro events, the festival also encourages participation in events by all levels of riders, with a strider bike adventure course and fancy dress parades for kids.   Colorado Freeride Festival takes place from July 23rd – 26th, 2015.

If you like a little spice in your life, don’t miss the High Altitude Flamethrower’s Chili Fest on August 15th & 16th, 2015.   This scrumptious event sees Colorado state chili chefs compete to earn a coveted spot to compete in the World Competition.

Other FREE weekly events in the Village at Winter Park include Coca-Cola Family Movies Nights every Friday at sunset on the outdoor screen on the village lawn (next to private lesson center), free live music at the Friday Music Series every Friday at the Village Gazebo from 4 – pm, and Popsicles In The Village where you and your family can reward yourselves on a fun filled day, popsicles are offered on a first come, first served basis at the Gazebo Plaza from 4-5 pm.  For further details on any of these free events, call one of our friendly reservation team at the number on the left; or check out our Winter Park Resort activity guide here.

Freeride-friday-Trestle-bike-park-300x169Trestle Bike Park, at Winter Park Resort, begins full operations on June 13th.   Offering 3 lifts, to more than 40 miles of nerve tingling downhill trails, Trestle Bike Park is one of the best in country.  

Want to join in the fun?  For those with a little experience under their belt, a Full Day Adult Pass to Trestle Bike Park is available for $41/day, or a Half Day for $36.   If you’d like a tune up, or some tips & skills training before you go it alone, we’d highly recommend signing up for one of the Trestle Freeride 1 Day Camps (July 18th & August 8th).  These 6 hour workshops use video analysis, and top training methods to elevate your downhill riding to the next level.   A full day camp with lift ticket & full rental (downhill bike, full face helmet, leg & arm protection) will set you back $159.99, and in our book, is worth every penny of it.  For more information on all Trestle Bike Park lessons and tickets, call 970-726-1564.

Trestle Bike Park will play host to many competitive bike events throughout the summer months.   Big bike events scheduled for summer at Winter Park Resort are:

Stay & Save With Winter Park Lodging Company

With more than 70 studios-4 bedroom properties at the Base Village of Winter Park Resort, we’re sure to have the perfect home to retreat to after a fun day of activities at the resort.