Back Bowl Soup Company Winter Park, Colorado

Back_Bowl_Soup_Company_Logo Winter ParkBack Bowl Soup Company in the Winter Park Village

The Winter Park Village is getting another eatery.  The Back Bowl Soup Company will be opening for the 2009/10 Winter Park Resort ski season.   By the looks of their website it looks like they will be doing soups, sandwiches, breakfast items and some baked sweets.  They have a beer/wine listing on the website so I’m assuming they will have a beer/wine liquor license.

This will be the fourth eatery in the Winter Park Village although we hear Lime will not open back up for the coming ski season.  Cheeky Monk and Lime opened this past February and Goodies opened this summer.

I see that the Back Bowl will offer breakfast burritos and some other breakfast items.  Great idea for the base as the breakfast fare has been lacking at the base.  Looks like a great addition to the Winter Park Village and definitely a niche that needed to be filled.

We here at the Winter Park Lodging Company wish the Back Bowl Soup Company the best and we will report back once we get to try their offerings.

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