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We’re back in action on the WPLBO blog after 2 years of building the business, having twins, and not posting to our beloved blog. Welcome all!

Wanted to share my latest “being a tourist” experience in the Fraser Valley recently. My brother was in town so we decided to go horseback riding.

We went to Sombrero Stables at Snow Mountain Ranch and were very pleased with the experience! The owner came out and chatted with us – cowboy hat and all. I got a sweet little horse named Luke and my brother got Bearle, but he kept forgetting his name. Finally reminded him of Milton, and all was well.

We opted for the 2 hour hike. A bit tiresome on the behind but beautiful scenery and nice guides. My horses reins got stuck under the tail of the horse in front of me once and provided a bit of a scare, but we survived.

Surprising fact – Sombrero Stables will allow children as young as 2 years old to ride with their parents. I personally wouldn’t do this since they are live large animals, but thought you may want to know.

Good price too – and we set up a WPLBO discount so just say “WPLBO sent me” and you get $5 off on 2 hour rides and $3 off on 1 hour rides.

They also have breakfast rides, and sleigh rides in the winter. Also say “WPLBO sent me” for those and you’ll get a discount. Sounds like fun! We’ll try that when the white stuff starts falling…

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